My mental health will benefit

    My mental health will benefit

    Aurora Ramazzotti is leaving Twitter. The influencer announced it on Instagram, showing off his disabled profile.

    Aurora Ramazzotti He makes a choice that many well-known characters have done, namely, him Disassociate yourself from social networks. In fact, the influencer informed his Instagram followers that he had deactivated his Twitter account and then hinted that Facebook would be one of the next social networks he would ditch.

    Advertisement by Aurora Ramazzotti

    Aurora Ramazzotti has not always been afraid to express her bewilderment about the ways in which many use social networks, which have often become a place not of exchange but of resentment and hatred, and it is perhaps for this reason, although she does not specify, that he has decided to deactivate his Twitter account with it. “My mental health will benefitPosting a photo of her now closed profile, the 25-year-old then posts a new snap suggesting the next social network she thinks she should dump is Facebook, in fact she writes:You will be nextA general cleaning thus responds to the need not to internalize the negativity that is often encountered through the constant use of social networks.

    The constant attacks on social media suffered

    There are not a few episodes in which Aurora Ramazzotti has had to defend herself from the constant attacks of haters who, in fact, on several occasions have sent her unpleasant messages to say the least. He recently attempted to respond to criticism in an alternative way, not through stories or posts that could explain his opposition, but through publication. Rap video song. This summer, in fact, he had expressed a certain displeasure at suggesting that some particularly severe attacks were at risk of lead to bullying episodes:”The only reason I don’t give up is because otherwise they win and I’ll never forgive myself for that but believe me I’m so close every single day“. Clearly, the measure has become complete.

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