Home entertainment “My Funny Valentine” is Noa’s latest single, The Interview

“My Funny Valentine” is Noa’s latest single, The Interview

“My Funny Valentine” è l’ultimo singolo di Noa, l’intervista

Listen to the Israeli singer’s song now on TIMMUSIC and read the interview here!

Titled “My funny Valentine’s Day” It is the latest song from NoahAnd the Singer Israel With Italian citizenship.

The syllable precedesEthics“On the new The album Tomorrow April 30.

there he is the interview Edited by Fabio Lovredo from Alok.

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Hi Noah! How are you doing?

I’m good thanks.

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Tell me about the new song, “My Funny Valentine”, classic jazz, why choose this?

Gil and I met in October 1989, at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Ramat Hasharon, Israel. I was a student who just got out of the army. Jill was the Academic Director, Co-Founder, and Distinguished Teacher. He was also considered one of the best Israeli musicians, capable of playing anything but jazz. From the first day in school, coming from the US and being familiar with standard jazz / Broadway music, I was instantly called a “jazz singer,” although I never considered myself. Since my childhood, a Yemeni Israeli girl from the Bronx, I preferred to avoid all posters and always found it sad that people find it so difficult to relate to something they cannot clearly categorize.

In this sense, I haven’t changed a little. But of course, after growing up in New York, I was fluent in English and immersed in all the amazing culture that the big city had to offer. The “American Songbook” of Standards of Jazz was a staple musical asset to me and indulging in it was as natural to me as exploring my Jewish or Yemeni roots. My goal, as now, was to “work well” with these wonderful pieces of music … to show their greatness with humility, from a personal, respectful, and loving point of view.

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The song came out on Valentine’s Day, is it a declaration of love?

It’s about love and feeling in love for who you are. Valentine’s Day was the perfect time to spread it.

what is love for you?

The question should be: Does anyone want to live by word without love?

It seems that love today is lacking in such a difficult period, why?

Wherever there is human life, there is love. Never fail. The problem is competition. Love competes with very strong emotions, such as greed, selfishness, hate and fear. This has been exacerbated by Covid. But Covid has also given us wonderful opportunities to reflect and realize how important love is to our ability to survive.

In this period it seems that the human mind is confused, we think about building walls, there is a lot of hatred. what is happening to you? You are very socially involved, what do you think of all of this?

Keep reading the Tuttorock interview >>>

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