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My father the God of War explains why

My father the God of War explains why

After making a buzz on social networks and video game forums for his words on PS5 “spanked” by Xbox Series X.David Jaffe returns to the topic and explains why, in his view, the Microsoft platform represents the best solution for those who want to purchase a next-generation console.

The Dad, the god of war e Twisted metal It starts from the observation that the average gamer, with their desire to own both a PS5 and Xbox Series X, at this launch stage can only purchase a new generation console.

Jaffe himself explains how PlayStation 5 is being ‘Exceptional console’, With a powerful launch kit and the ability to step back into a catalog of exclusives that the former Sony Santa Monica describes as “Unsurpassed in terms of production, Nintendo has managed a bit like Nintendo to handle its exclusives in terms of pure gameplay.”.

Despite praise for the strengths of Sony’s nextgen console and its equity portfolio, the Director of the game Del Primo God of War Determines that “I’ve had the Xbox Series X for about a week and a half, and since then, the PS5 has started gathering dust.”. To illustrate his reasons for his preference for the main console of the Redmond home, Jaffe has devoted much of his YouTube speech to a demo in which the American theatrical developer quickly jumps from one game to the next with Fast resume on Xbox Series X..

For the original God of War manager, the ability to take advantage of this built-in system Architectural speed in Xbox Series X / S. To get to your playroom almost instantly “It is really revolutionary.” The prof ‘Point of no return’. Jaf also remembers how he suffered from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), the use of rapid CV exercises in it aExtremely strong attraction Who is not allowed Count (With reference to systems that, like the PS5, do not have similar functions.) For the American developer, too Xbox Game Pass It is a point in favor of Microsoft’s strategy to attract new users to the Xbox ecosystem.

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