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Must Watch Whoopi Goldberg Movies

Must Watch Whoopi Goldberg Movies

You say Whoopi Goldberg Immediately at least two pass through the head Pictures or rather two Movie. ghost NS Sister Law. For those who grew up between the ’80s and ’90s, this actress, who was born on November 13, 1955, is one Legend. It’s one of the few big success to achieve a Egot, This is my win Four prizes main in the field ofentertainment made United States of America: a Amy, a Grammy a Oscar and Tony Award.

wonOscar Come Best Supporting Actress for every ghost – fantasy was The second African American woman to have It was received This is amazing an award after, after Hattie McDaniel. She is also proud owed gold Globe, Emmy Award Deserving, a Saturn Award, quattro People’s Choice Awards, cinque Kids’ Choice Awards, set photo awards, Because drama office Awards and BAFTA. In 2002, she received one award Stella in a Hollywood Walk from Fame.

to the horn Karen Elaine Johnson, the salt The stage at the age of eight years, for the first time in Helena Rubinstein Children’s Theater from New York. He understands that he wants a future in a the acting look at me Series the television Star Trek. to reserve Works Come Brick, dishwasher NS Beauty expert company Burial place. Meanwhile they change The Noun in a Whoopi It takes the mother’s surname. In the early eighties during the play ghost show Come I noticed Give Mike Nichols Which leads her to Broadway.

In period Broadway Attention Steven Spielberg She was offered a role in 1985 hero Boy Violet. intense painting from U.S Donna AfroAmericana, Celie Harris, In the South subordinate United States of America From the early twentieth century. received the film Eleven nominations ai Oscar, Including one modeled on Goldberg as the lead actress, but without winning any.

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with stamp Sensitive Oda Mai Brown in a ghost get approvals Cash NS general, So much so that in 2008 Premiere Magazine ranking in 95 esimo between the a hundred Larger Explanations For everyone times. The role earned her a well-deserved role Oscar Come Best Supporting Actress. When Goldberg pulled out the statue, they were done fifty years from win over from Hattie McDaniel in a Gone with the Wind, Half a century so that a black woman did not win.

with the Movie The long way home, It narrates one of the most famous episodes Lotta because I am civil rights subordinate Neri. Whoopi plays an African American woman, Odessa Cotter. To go to work as a maid in a rich white house, she has to go a long way and You can’t take the bus why blacks interrupt The the system from Public transport to fight Apartheid.

The Job more Famous And Whoopi Goldberg’s darling is definitely one of the Maria Clarita in a Sister’s Law, which explains witness from U.S a crime who comes hidden in a monastery from nuns. here, thanks to him past Give singer take charge choir NS help The sisters to clean neighborhood a crime attract me Young in a a church.

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