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    “For unknown reasons, Joe Biden is unable to utter the word Tesla.” Elon Musk tweeted, along with his tweet, the petition began on where the US President was asked to acknowledge Tesla’s driving in electric cars. The petition has already been signed by more than 13,500 people.

    The petition stated that “the White House and the Biden administration voluntarily attempted to ignore Tesla’s work by pushing General Motors and others as the leader in the electric field instead,” which notes that “Biden’s insistence on GM is sheer manipulation and must be stopped. The intent of this petition is Not to attack President Biden personally, but to let him know that we don’t get caught up in manipulation.
    We know Tesla is a leader, and if you manipulate Americans into who makes the most electric cars, what other things are you trying to convince them of? In recent days, Musk has harshly attacked Biden as a puppet after the president’s tweet in which General Motors and Ford were praised for producing electric cars.

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