MSC Cruises’ new flagship, MSC Seascape, has arrived in New York

    MSC Cruises' new flagship, MSC Seascape, has arrived in New York

    Today, MSC Seascape, MSC Cruises’ new flagship, arrived in New York ahead of a magical christening that will take place on Wednesday, December 7 at the Manhattan cruise terminal. MSC Seascape will be the company’s first ship to be christened in the “Big Apple”, thus honoring New York’s important new role as the home port for MSC Cruises in the United States, starting in April 2023, as well as ensuring guests from the USA, and from the rest of the world, a wider choice of ports of embarkation. and itineraries in North America.

    MSC Seascape will offer an immersive experience that connects guests to the sea through stunning design and exquisite outdoor spaces that can be used for relaxation, dining and entertainment. Among its strengths:

    Technologically advanced in-flight entertainment options including the new ROBOTRON, an exciting ride that delivers the breathtaking thrills of a rollercoaster at sea combined with a personal DJ music experience

    Six new theatrical performances and 98 hours of unique in-flight experiences with interactive elements

    700 square meters of children’s space and modern entertainment options, with newly designed spaces for ages 0-17

    2,270 staterooms, with 12 different types of suites and balconies (including the popular aft suites found on all seaside ships)

    11 food and beverage outlets and 19 bars and lounges with plenty of outdoor dining and beverage options

    Six pools, including a stunning infinity pool in the back with incredible ocean views

    The largest and most luxurious MSC Yacht Club in the MSC Cruises fleet, with an area of ​​nearly 32,000 square meters offering sweeping ocean views from the bow of the ship

    Wide waterfront promenade, over 540 meters long, bringing guests closer to the ocean

    The stunning “Bridge of Sighs” with a glass floor on the 16th floor with a unique view of the sea

    MSC Seascape will offer two different 7-night Caribbean itineraries from Miami:

    Eastern Caribbean, call in Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, Nassau in the Bahamas, San Juan in Puerto Rico, and Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic

    Western Caribbean, heading to Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, Cozumel in Mexico, George Town in the Cayman Islands, and Ocho Rios in Jamaica.

    MSC Cruises is the third largest cruise brand in the world and the fastest growing cruise company globally. With a truly international footprint, the company continues to expand and grow with the launch in recent weeks of two new vessels – MSC World Europa and MSC Seascape – and an additional unit – MSC Euribia – which will enter the fleet in the summer of 2023.

    MSC Seascape arrives in New York City
    MSC Seascape arrives in New York City

    The latest and most advanced environmental technology

    The vessel is equipped with the latest environmental technology that includes selective catalytic reduction systems on each of the four Wartsila 14V 46F engines to reduce NOx emissions by up to 90%, by converting the gas into harmless nitrogen and water. MSC Seascape’s hybrid exhaust cleaning system removes 98% of the sulfur oxide from its emissions.

    Equipped with best-in-class sewage treatment systems, with filtration standards that exceed most land-based sewage treatment plants, the vessel is also equipped with advanced waste management systems, US Coast Guard approved ballast, state-of-the-art systems in order to prevent oil from draining from machinery spaces, and many An effective improvement in energy efficiency, thanks to heat recovery systems and LED lighting capable of saving energy.

    The ship is also equipped with an Underwater Radiated Noise Management System to reduce and isolate potential impacts on marine mammals.

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