“MRna vaccines are gene therapies” / But Stefan Oelrich (Bayer) didn’t say that…

    “MRna vaccines are gene therapies” / But Stefan Oelrich (Bayer) didn't say that...

    Stefan Ulrich subordinate Bayer admit that I mRna Vaccines I Gene and cell therapies? Not at all, however, the hoax has been circulating on the internet and landing on TV ever since Massimo Cacciari In today’s episode of agora Just quote a board member of the multinational pharmaceutical company. The intervention is due to World Health Summit 2021 As I mentioned before the weather The director would have admitted that “mRNA vaccines are cellular and genetic therapies that the public would not have approved of if not for the pandemic. The pandemic has created a consensus on previously unimaginable innovations. We’re really taking this leap to drive innovation, we as Bayer, in cellular and genetic therapies… After all, mRNA vaccines are an example of cell and gene therapy.».

    Ma Stefan Ulrich He did not say this exactly and it is important to contextualize his speech in order to understand it. During the vaccination campaign, the false narrative on the basis of which A Vaccines from Pfizer NS modern, being based on mRna . technology, would be a gene therapy, simply because they don’t look like conventional attenuated or dead viruses, yet they have the same function.

    What Stefan Oelich really said about Bayer

    Speech Stefan Ulrich, therefore, was focusing on new technologies and on feedback that residents could have in terms of confidence. Hence, the fact that the world has embraced mRna Vaccines Can lead the way, according to the executive Bayer, to new technologies in the medical field such as cell and gene therapies, the same thing that the German multinational has been studying for some time, for example against Parkinson’s disease and sickle cell anemia. Therefore, Oelrich is not claiming that the mRna Covid vaccines are a gene therapy, but rather an example of what could be a gene or cell therapy. “Ultimately, mRNA vaccines are an example of cell and gene therapy“That’s not what I mean”Ultimately, mRNA vaccines are an example of such cell and gene therapy“, but”Ultimately, mRNA vaccines are an example of cell and gene therapy».

    Open Fact CheckIn addition, he contacted the source directly, and received an official response from Bayer: “It was an obvious slip of the tongue. According to Bayer, mRNA is not a gene therapy in the sense of public understanding«(«It was an obvious slip. According to Bayer, mRNA is not a gene therapy in the general sense of understanding»). Having said that, I mRNA vaccines It is not a gene therapy because the mRNA in the vaccine stays in the body for a short period of time and does not alter the recipient’s genetic material in any way.

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