Mr. Big announces the latest tour and new drummer · Metal Hammer Italia

    Mr. Big announces the latest tour and new drummer · Metal Hammer Italia

    On 03/06/2023, by Fabio Magliano.

    Mr. Big, latest tour and new drummer announced

    the Mr. Big They announced their latest world tour titled “The BIG Finish” and at the same time announced the drummer who will replace Pat TurbyDrummer and co-founder of the band, he was defeated by Parkinson’s disease in 2018.

    It’s about the band’s longtime friend Nick Di Virgilio (Spock’s Beard, Big Train) To take the place of the late Turby behind the hides of Mr. “We found a great drummer in Nick, and he has a great voice too”he claims Sheehan. Nick has a similar vocal range to Pat, and will be able to perform the parts that Pat used to do with similar prowess. It’s a huge relief because MR. BIG has always put a lot of emphasis on harmonies. When the band started, we really leaned on each other. They’d do exactly what they were meant to do sonically and they’d do it right, in key and in time. It’s hard to find a drummer who would sing in that range, but Nick has the voice we really need on stage.”

    The group will head to Japan and Southeast Asia in July and August, with first shows in South America, Europe and the United States in early 2024 to be announced soon.

    “We wanted to say a proper goodbye and this seemed like the right way to do it.” Billy Sheehan continues. guitar player Paul Gilbert Continue: “We try to organize a large entertainment event suitable to accompany our music. And because our music resonates so beautifully around the world, we will play as many venues as possible.” If we were in the world of cinema, we would say: “Welcome to ‘The BIG Finish’!”. Seriously, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to do everything together on stage as an MR. BIG once again and raising the banner for everything we’ve done as a band over the years.”

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