Home sport Mourinho is in Trigoria with the team, Dybala is there too

Mourinho is in Trigoria with the team, Dybala is there too

Mourinho is in Trigoria with the team, Dybala is there too

Rome – Trigoria Sports Center was filled again and The new Giallorossi season officially begins, the third with Jose Mourinho On the seat Rome.

photo First training session for the Gilorossi this afternoon in Trigoria:

1.35 p.m

Rome, program for the next few days

expected, starting from Tomorrow July 11thfrom Double sessions for the group. The players will sleep at home and take the field for First friendly Saturday July 15th.

1.25 p.m

Rome, group lunch and first training session

The team got together for Group lunch. Rest will follow thereafter and in the afternoon, o’clock 5.30pmthe first workout.


Dates of retreat and friendly matches

Pickup departure must be set to July 22nd and back on August 2nd. Certainly some friendlies in Portugal, also in Fulvio Bernardini (on the 15th against Boreal, on the 19th against Ascoli or Ternana), and then on August 6 the test in France against Toulouse.

11:51 a.m

Mourinho reveals the squad list: There are some surprises

While waiting for the internationals, the Portuguese have yet to make it to the 11 debutantes. And on the wounded … – I read here


between purchase and collection in Portugal

Apart from Christensen, who is expected in the coming days, it will be difficult to see the newcomers between midfield and attack before next week. Mourinho hopes to get them for the second part of the preparations in Portugal: The club is set back in the Algarve between locations and dates.

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Lunch in Trigoria for the Roma players

The Giallorossi will have lunch in Trigoria: the first training session is scheduled for the afternoon.


Dybala on Telegram: “Today we start again”

On his Telegram account, Dybala kicked off the new season: “Good morning friends, today we start over“.


Dybala and meeting with Brad Pitt

A curious meeting in the UK of Paulo Dybala, who posed for a photo with Brad Pitt in Silverstone before returning to Rome.


Matic welcomes Dybala to Trigoria: “Mamma Mia”

Goya returns to Roma, waiting for him is the midfielder immortalized on social media. I read here


Paulo Dybala arrives in Trigoria

Also comes one of the most awaited moments in the morning, namelyEnter Paulo Dybala In the sports center in Trigoria. The Argentine was in the back seat of a chauffeur-driven car and was greeted with a standing ovation from the fans present who asked him to stay.


Karsdorp and Matic in the Sports Center

Karsdorp and Mattick also arrived in Trigoria.


Record heat in Trigoria, Rome withdrawal solutions

African anti-cyclone Cerberus is ready to inflame Italy with extreme temperatures of more than 40 degrees: Mourinho has a plan. I read here


Zalewski and Smalling arrive in Trigoria

The arrival of Roma players in Trigoria continues: now it is Zalewski and Smalling’s turn.

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Svilar also arrives in Trigoria

The goalkeeper is added to the list of players who have arrived at Trigoria Miles Svilar. Meanwhile, temperatures are already rising, reaching 30 degrees.


The arrival of Llorente, Solbakken, Alawar

Llorente, Solbakken and Oar also arrived at the sports center, which decided to cut short its holidays.


Belotti and Mourinho were the first to arrive in Trigoria

Belotti and Mourinho were the first to arrive in Trigoria, welcomed outside the gates by some two dozen fans.


It is all available except for the citizens

Mourinho will be available A team without international players (except Zalewski and Aouar) who will return on June 17th.


Mourinho can’t wait to get started

I am a field man, not a holiday“Special One said on Saturday as soon as he landed in Ciampino. The technician said to himself, smiling and eager to get down to business.”Very happy to be back at Fulvio BernardiniAnd find his children again – Read it all


The rally in Trigoria starts today

After a break of thirty-five days, Roma are finally back in Trigoria this morning to start the first part of their pre-season preparations.


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