Home Economy Motorists’ compensation: how it could change for RC Auto

Motorists’ compensation: how it could change for RC Auto

Motorists' compensation: how it could change for RC Auto

L ‘evasThe Institute for Insurance Supervision, after its president, Luigi Federico Signorini, presented his usual annual report, defeated the insurance companies especially with regard to Refreshments.

In fact, the closures allowed savings of more than two billion and 300 million euros by stopping traffic. Moreover, in 2020, compared to the previous year, there was a decrease in accidents. In fact, there are 30% fewer claims. In spite of this, the insured’s refreshments, namely renewal discounts, coverage extensions, etc., are charged for only 800 million, a large part of which has yet to be paid.

Precisely for this reason, Ivass, deciding to adopt the European approach in this regard, asked companies to check whether Covid really led to unfair behavior towards consumers. As Signorini himself explains:Some companies, on a voluntary basis, have granted forms of refreshment to their policyholders; Not everything, not everything in the same way or to the same extent. Now that the mobility restrictions are almost completely gone, latecomers must urgently reconsiderPrecisely for this reason, the head of Ivass also suggested that consumers take into account the possibility of changing the company they turn to more often:In the meantime, consumers will be able to inform themselves and assess the behavior of companies“.

Signorini also specifies that the epidemic in Italy, unlike the rest of Europe, was “Positive economic consequences for those who, as a profession, insure against harmThe reason lies in the fact that in our country “the prevalence of insurance coverage for damages except for cars is scarce,” and that despite “a difficult year, it has proven that it is resilient in the face of the crisis.”

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As for theRC carIn Italy, during the lockdown, there was only a 5.4% decrease. The consumers They said they were very disappointed in it, in their view, “The decrease should have been at least three timesThe Ivass report indicates that the average premium in 2020 was €397 for cars, -4% over the previous year. To understand that this is not a huge improvement, just make a comparison with other countries. Major European countries such as France, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom, where the cost of Lavore is 100 euros less.

Signorini has not made any comments pending a response Kodakun Who said in a note: “Faced with a 40% drop in road accidents in the first six months of 2020, TPL car prices fell last year by only 5/6%, creating an apparent imbalance and ridicule at the expense of citizens.“.

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