Motorcycle boots: when to clean them, and how to clean them

    Motorcycle boots: when to clean them, and how to clean them

    First…good procedures cleaning It’s the same for almost everyone shoesWhatever discipline they’re intended for: track, touring, and off-road. Minor changes, if not the materials with which they are made: nylon, suede and leather, real or synthetic for the upper, and rubber for the sole. without interference with aggressive substances, You start by evaporating simple water Which should be left to act for a few minutes to soften the dirt. If the shoe is equipped with a waterproof membrane, it is also possible to pass it under the tap, being careful not to let it in. If the upper is suede (not water-repellent) or if this material is very loose, it is best to insist on using a brush, while reducing the amount of water to a minimum, preferably with a damp cloth.

    How to remove stubborn dirt

    Instead, it is no problem for natural or synthetic leather and nylon inserts (Basically the outer fabric with which many hiking shoes are made.) To remove dirt from difficult placessuch as snap hooks or zippers, we can help you file wet brush. If the dirt is stubborn, you can use a little liquid soap Which helps remove grease. End it with a damp clothThis will allow you to remove residue and excess water. All this also applies to the sole, which should not be overlooked. After cleaning, you can intervene with specific products, which we can also find in the supermarket, to restore their colour, luster and impermeability. Most stressful pointsif it is damaged it can be treated with del Shoe varnish: in cream or with the most comfortable liquids, with a dispenser as in our case. Clear coat can be used for colored shoes. For those in leather (real or fake), it is possible to use a specific lubricant or regular hand cream to keep them soft. Whether or not they are equipped with a waterproof membrane, to ensure greater watertightness, it is recommended to spray waterproofing: there are specific types for boots, but those for camping tents that cost less are also good. For this purpose, and to give shine, silicone sprays also work.

    How to properly clean the interior

    …then inside. the internal, in general in calluses, is the most difficult part of the treatment. Here also a A damp cloth to remove any dirt in the mouth area (especially for off-road shoes). In general it will be Simply remove the insole and it can be washed by hand or machine. But we must remember that bacteria are responsible for the unpleasant odor, so it is advisable to spray the insole and the inner part with a specific product for sterilization and bactericidal shoes. Between one stage and another and at the end of the operations described it is necessary to let it dry well. Avoid exposure to sunlight and heat sources such as coolers and hair dryers. This is because intense heat damages the components and above all may damage the action of the glue used. They should be left in the shade in the summer or in a room equipped with air conditioning, which facilitates drying. Finally, after cleaning and drying, the shoes may be returned to the packaging, taking care to insert crumpled sheets of newspaper inside, to ensure that they keep their shape during winter storage.

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