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MotoGP, Marc Marquez trains his arm in the gym: “Let’s start with the left!”

Ritratto di GPone

We admit, when we saw the photo that Marc Marquez posted, we were misled. Seeing him with a handsome man in his hand in the gym sounded a perfect picture to finally hint at a decisive step forward for the Spaniard.. But it was sufficient to take a closer look at the image and read the accompanying text to understand that the arm with which the Marquez trained is in fact the left arm, or “healthy”.

“Let’s start with the left!” These are the few words that accompany the picture, which leave a living hope of seeing him soon begin to strain even the right words, The arm that has yet to recover from the horrific injury in Jerez is above all one of the three operations I have undergone. Anyway, after seeing him riding an exercise bike, it’s nice to see Marquez as always bent on fighting to get back into the saddle ASAP.

Honda is waiting for him, he worked on RCV213, and put a completely different bike on the track in Jerez (a look World Health Organization Video) and everyone is keenly aware that even though his black Honda teammates are all fast and talented, Mark is simply from another planet. Seeing Paul Spargari debuting on that bike without being able to ride first, would be a real blow to Mark’s heart, but with our knowledge of him we’re sure that moment will simply turn into a useful element to push more and do our best to get back what’s first in The saddle.

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