Home sport MotoGP and Isabeletta deny: “No Honda investigation with Marquez”

MotoGP and Isabeletta deny: “No Honda investigation with Marquez”

MotoGP and Isabeletta deny:

Just over a month after the start of the World Championships, scheduled for March 28 with a double race in Qatar, there are two topics we continue to discuss: the fate of the World Championship calendar and that of Marc Marquez, who is still struggling with the long recovery from injury in Jerez, which kept him off the track. Throughout 2020.

Isabilita denies the existence of the Honda investigation

From competitors to fans, everyone looks forward to seeing the eight-time world champion return on the right track. It is no exception Carmelo Isabellita, Who is impatiently waiting for the hero to return from Cervera, but does not want to rush the era.

Mark should do better and not worry about anything. Obviously it’s important that he’s there but I don’t want to pressure himDorna CEO explains an interview with AS.

The attempted lightning return of the Marquis at the Andalusian Grand Prix did not generate some controversy, such as allegations regarding the mediating role played by Isabelita and rumors about an alleged Honda investigation. In the Marquis case. The Spaniard quickly denied the accusationsWho denies any investigation and involvement in the case.

I didn’t have to mediate anything at all between Doctors Marquis and Honda. This is a trick. It’s a lie – Isabilita explains -. I have spoken to whom I had to talk to at Honda and there is absolutely nothing right about what the press says, absolutely nothing. I can’t say it more clearly. There is nothing real in this investigation“.

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MotoGP, Ashu: “Marc Marquez risks not returning to the track in 2021”

2021 goals: 18 races and a crowd in the stands

After Marquez’s dismissal, the Dorna President interferes with the issuance of the calendar and in the minimum number of events he wishes to complete in 2021, Which has already seen the Argentina and Texas races postponed due to the pandemic.

We had to wait for the time stipulated in the contracts to decide that we could not go to Argentina and the United States. The two dates were postponed pending what would happen this year. The goal is to create a championship of at least 18 races between March and November. If we can get to 20 then that is perfect, but the minimum is 18. This is the ideal option, but if it can’t be done then we will adaptEzbelita says.

At such a turbulent time all you can do is sail with the eye, but the future looks much brighter than it did a few months ago. If only it was to introduce vaccines, That It could allow the world championships to return the audience to the stands.

March 28 is approaching, but there are still many days left and I hope the epidemic will get better – Ezbelita says -. We have to see how things will develop. Last year we had spectators in Misano in Le Mans and things went well, because nobody got infected, in Portimao we wanted to have an audience but that wasn’t possible. We and the GP promoters make sure that the authorities of each department allow us to do so“.

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The remarkable work our role accomplished last year, in cooperation with governments and promoters, has given us one of the most mysterious World Cup matches we have fought in recent years.. For this, Despite the unknown, The Spaniard is looking forward to the start of the 2021 tournament.

I can’t wait for the races to start and be as good as last year and 2019. It’s the same desire since 1992, to have good races and without serious accidents.Ezpelita concluded.

MotoGP, is the 2021 calendar set to change again?

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