MotoGP 2022. UK GP at Silverstone, Andrea Dovizioso: “It’s right to stop if you don’t get certain results” – MotoGP

    MotoGP 2022. UK GP at Silverstone, Andrea Dovizioso:

    Andrea explained the reasons for his early retirement: why not finish the season? “I could not adapt to the M1, could not make the changes I wanted, and could not benefit from my experience: having a good relationship with Yamaha, I decided to stop. In Misano we will have a great party.” About the future: “I am working on a project, which I think is interesting”

    August 5, 2022

    s.ilverstone – He is definitely not one who lets himself be taken in by passion. It didn’t happen until this time, at the press conference Formalize He retired after the Misano Grand Prix.

    Also because it explains Andrea Dovizioso: “The decision is now metabolized, I was really ready for it. It’s not a hostile withdrawal, it’s a gradual withdrawal. It’s almost painless, even if after more than 20 years always in the same environment, it was never easy to get to this point. But it is. she was Right moment To do this: If you can’t be where you want to be, you know it’s time to stop.”

    Andrea smiles a little, even if he’s actually calm: it’s the best decision for him, just to stop early. I think differently, as I explained in the video comment #lanotiziainprimafila: I say to Duffy, expressing my concerns: In my opinion it would have been better to finish the season. Andrea, as always, accepts criticism, is not upset, but calmly explains his reasons.

    “Being a rational and critical person, I must have one important motive to do something. The inability to adapt the bike to obtain certain results, the inability to improve this aspect, It no longer has any meaning to go forward. Another thing is you would have been able to work on certain structural aspects of M1, so I could use my experience to get to certain results, but it can’t be done during the season. Having been on good terms with Yamaha, I decided to talk to them over the summer and came to that conclusion. The pilot should focus on what he’s doing, you can’t think of other ideas”

    s.Why does it end up in Misano?

    “I think it’s the place to do it, with a party with my friends and the folks at the paddock”

    Did you understand from the first moment you got the M1 that you would face difficulties?

    “At first, the problem was the ergonomics of the bike: with short ‘levers’, I didn’t get to the controls very well, I struggled to move on the M1 for tire width. Then, when I got into my first race (Misano 2021, NDA), I realized there was Something unnatural about the grip, but, specifically, only the first GP, you can’t control the situation, you can’t give that important.Instead, grip was the biggest problem for me and I talked a lot about it with the Yamaha engineers.I was really surprised, I realized that my riding style wasn’t the best to exploit the potential the bike showed with Fabio (Quartararo, NDA). I’ve worked a lot with Forcada and Yamaha, but we couldn’t find a solution: My riding style doesn’t match this bike”

    When I joined Ducati, only one rider was riding that bike: Can you compare Yamaha’s situation today with what you found back then?

    “No. Aside from the fact that it’s a completely different MotoGP, we’re almost talking about another era. In 2013 Ducati didn’t have a good base and the limits were a lot, while today’s Yamaha is the world champion. Certainly, compared to the past, it’s a more bike The peculiarity: it remains well balanced, but to get certain performances you have to ride in an extreme way, as only Fabio could do. But the situation is very different from that of the Ducati at the time”

    In a way, does the rear tire introduced by Michelin in 2020 have anything to do with it?

    “It was definitely an important change for me, even with my Ducati I struggled to send, but then I still got acceptable results. It can hit the target, but, as always, many factors come into play: these are the most The motorcycle classes are exasperated, and the evolution and changes are very fast, racing in a very different way than they were a few years ago. If you are fast in practice, you can keep that pace more or less throughout the race, overtaking is down, it’s completely different”

    T.All of your colleagues had words of great appreciation towards you.

    “If that’s what they think, it’s really good for your opponent to be considered a good driver.”

    And now?

    “For some time I have been thinking about creating something important (related to motocross, NDA), focusing on a project that I think is beautiful, but it hasn’t materialized yet. We’ll talk about it later.”

    I say clearly: I will miss Duffy a lot, both on and off the track. Thanks for everything, champ.

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