MotoGP 2022. Australian Grand Prix. Fabio Quartararo: “I have a lot to lose, but I also gain” – MotoGP

     MotoGP 2022. Australian Grand Prix.  Fabio Quartararo:

    The Yamaha rider thinks it could be a team race: “It might be good for me.” On qualifying for fifth place: “It’s never enough”

    October 15 2022

    snetwork uinto and half satisfied. Fabio Quartaro He realizes that Ducatis, his nightmare, surrounds him all around and the championship contenders are front, fourth and third. But he also knows that he did his best.

    “I meet About my lap in the qualifiers – said the French – but I am Frustrating for the site. I think I had a great trip, but It is never enough. My pace is not bad: in FP4 I was able to maintain a good pace, taking care not to overdo the tyres”

    Is fifth place a disaster on the race?

    “No, it’s not, my goal is always to win a place in the first two rows, and that shouldn’t hurt my doctor. I imagine it’s going to be a strange race, this is one of the worst tyres”

    Are there places to beat it?

    “Yes: it’s better to overtake at four and ten, but that’s not what worries me the most.”

    c.Do you dare to worry?

    “The rear tire. Soft, medium and hard have more or less the same performance, it will not be easy to choose. With soft, for example, you can be much faster on the spot, but it goes down a lot. But more than a choice, management will count “

    Many drivers refer to Bagnaia as a favourite: do you agree with this analysis?

    “I don’t know if Pecco has the best pace, I haven’t analyzed the timing yet. In FP4 I found myself behind him, although with different tyres: he’s definitely very fast, but we’re not in a bad shape either. There are many riders at a good pace, and I think it’s It will be a team race in classic Phillip Island style: that is often the case here, only Marques, Vinales and Crutchlow have recently managed to win by a gap”

    Can team racing be good or bad for you?

    “I think it’s good. I feel the competition on this track.”

    Two points of advantages: what can be done?

    “Nothing, just trying to do my best. There is obviously a lot to lose.”

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