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Moto GP: changes to the 2021 calendar

Moto GP: changes to the 2021 calendar
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Coronavirus continues to affect MotoGP even in 2021, to the point of having to request calendar changes. According to the latest rumors, Dorna is already evaluating a few moves to adapt to the health emergency that is not over. Flights outside Europe, with the exception of Qatar, appear to be at risk of being delayed, if not canceled. The emergency also relates to test days, such as the scheduled day in February in Sepang. We are assessing the situation.

MotoGP Calendar 2021, what changes can we expect?

The only non-European player who seems safe to start the season looks like Qatar. After that, absolute uncertainty reigns, starting with the dual journey between Argentina and the United States. Dorna B’s plan foresees a double trip to Losail, then back to Portimao, the track that wrapped up the 2020 season.

Both stages can be postponed or canceled in the fall. If the vaccination campaign is in the interest of the United States, which is advancing rapidly (there are already 5 million people vaccinated in three weeks), then there is an economic problem in Argentina. The country, whose capital is Buenos Aires, announced last May that it defaulted on payments for the ninth time in less than 100 years! In any case, if he skipped Austin, he wouldn’t go to Termas either.

MotoGP calendar 2021, any changes to the “Asian trilogy”

Asian races are not safe either, and neither is Australia. The continent is seeing a sharp increase in infections, putting the final part of the season at risk. In theory, coverage of the vaccine should be in an advanced stage by then, but as Lorenzo de Medici writes, “There is no certainty about tomorrow.”

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Dorna’s exit strategy in this case would be reserves, including a Russian GP at Igora Drive. The trail is located at the gates of Saint Petersburg, only 400 kilometers from Kymiring, the Finnish route that will start this year. From a logistical point of view, it would be a very suitable choice.

Sepang knot

The first cat to be peeled for the World Championships comes next February, with pre-tournament tests scheduled for Sepang. To maintain the flight, our role worked closely with the local government, putting in place additional security measures. Charter flights for all employees and accommodation in the same hotel. And tons on tons of tampons. But it may not be enough.

The news of the past few days talks about the deteriorating health situation. The national government has declared a state of emergency, with Selangor state closed. This puts the entire testing program at risk, but the replacement is already ready. If needed, the teams go to Jerez or Portimao.

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