Moscow, the head of the Russian shipyard dies (suddenly): Doubts about the submarines he produced

    Moscow, the head of the Russian shipyard dies (suddenly): Doubts about the submarines he produced

    On Saturday, December 24, the general director of a large Russian shipyard specializing in the construction of non-nuclear submarines died suddenly. About Alexander Buzakov66, whose primary role was to secure and enhance the yard order record for modern non-nuclear submarines, surface ships, and deep-sea vehicles. This was announced by the company headed by, andAdmiralty shipyardsIt is based in the western port Saint PetroburgoAccording to reports from the agency Reuters. In 2019, Buzakov said in an interview with user interface which Admiralty Shipyards was planning to start producing Diesel submarines are capable of launching Caliber cruise missilesOr the same ones that Moscow has been adopting for several months against its civilians Ukraine. tax He later confirmed that shipyards were building the submarines in question.

    Awarded by the Russian government

    With over 40 years of experience, Buzakov has been honored on multiple occasions by the Russian government with major awards including Two medals Merit for the Fatherland and the Medal of Merit for the Navy. governor of saint petersburg, Alexander BiglovPointing to the general, he stressed how important he is to the country’s defense sector. He said, “His personal responsibility was great in carrying out the most important government orders, especially defense orders.” “The fact that our country has shown its willingness to confront Althe West It’s an important part of his job. over there Russia It now has a strong military and civilian fleet.

    Cover photo: Reuters/Alexander Demyanchuk

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