Home Economy Mortgage or rent? What to do with 750 euros per month

Mortgage or rent? What to do with 750 euros per month

  Mortgage or rent?  What to do with 750 euros per month

decide to buy one a house It is a really important choice and it is necessary to evaluate many aspects first, including, logically, the economic one. In fact, to request a subscriber There are many steps to take and progression, in addition to the costs of managing the buying procedure itself, is the most important “obstacle” to overcome, especially when a young couple with a job decides to buy a home not indefinitely or with a not very high ral.

For these reasons, the “young people” for a long time, partly by choice and partly by compulsion, to the mortgage they preferred renting a house that allowed them to better relieve themselves of expenses and any unforeseen needs.

However, in recent years, things have slowly begun to change with banking institutions suggesting it Backed Mortgages To buy the house (perhaps a 100% mortgage in special cases) and the government put in place many incentives that could tip the scales toward the owned home.

The Duplicate support decree, in fact, send a box worth Mortgage Guarantee For less than 36. Let’s see what it is

What is the first mortgage escrow fund

The Sostegni bis decree states that for purchases made by June 30, 2022 there is a possibility, aimed at young people under 36 years of age (or young couples with at least one of them under 36 years old) with income Show Do not exceed 40 thousand euros to be able to get a 100% mortgage provided that it is for the purchase of a first home with a value not exceeding 250 thousand euros.

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The guarantee on the loan is being provided by the state at controlled rates considering that rates are already very low today, hovering just above 1%.

Let’s do the math

Let’s take an example. As mentioned Other consumptionFrancesca, 32, a university researcher in Rome with an income of about 25,000 euros, wants to go and live with her partner and is thinking about buying a house or renting a house in another area, preferably central or semi-central, but, well connected to the university city.

Looking at the rents, the average monthly cost of a house is between 60 and 80 square meters in the areas of interest (B – B1 from hospital to Ionio) average cost is between 700 and 900 euros; At this point, he also decided to check the cost of homes, presumably, through several mortgage comparison sites, when it would cost him to buy a home by accessing an escrow fund.

He has identified a property of 70/80 sq.m. at a cost of about 230 thousand euros and realizes that the purchase (after making an assessment between fixed and variable prices that we talked about in a previous article from IlGiornale) will cost him, on average, 750 euros per month (less or as much as rent) With a 30-year mortgage and fixed exchange rate by 1.15% and tig 1.20% (Synthetic Cost Index) without registration, cadastral and mortgage fees, but only notary fees (for purchase deed and mortgage) and agency fees (usually 3%).

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