Mortal Shell is available in the PS4 version, not the PS5 enhanced version –

    Mortal Shell is available in the PS4 version, not the PS5 enhanced version -

    games PlayStation Plus December 2021 They started to be available from today and another doubt that has emerged in recent days has also been clarified, emphasizing that fatal shell Available in PS4 version, And therefore Non-optimized version for all PS5.

    As we know, in the absence of a system similar to Smart Delivery, the PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game run differently on Sony consoles and Mortal Shell, in particular, was first proposed in a standard version on PS4 and later with an enhanced version For PS5, which is an enhanced version of it Upgrade the next general On the new Sony console, it is distributed free of charge to the owners of the original.

    Unfortunately, the version available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers with December 2021 games does not include the latest version, being the original version only for PS4: “To be clear, the Mortal Shell version distributed with PlayStation Plus will be the original version only for PS4 (not optimized), which is still It can be used on PS5 through CompatibilityThe official account of the game on Twitter wrote, in response to a question about the version that was available to subscribers.

    Mortal Shell is still playable on PS5 with backward compatibility, but it is therefore not the optimized version for the next generation platforms: the game in the enhanced version has received various graphics improvements with higher resolutions and more detailed textures, support for 4K e 60fpsAs well as adding DualSense support. Another not so positive news after the controversy over the fact that Godfall on PlayStation Plus isn’t the full game.

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