More than 250 researchers, alumni and professors on “Research Day”

    More than 250 researchers, alumni and professors on

    Medicine in Parma and Piacenza: more than 250 between researchers, graduate students, and educators insearch day. To participate in the second edition of the appointment of young researchers, doctoral students, graduate students and professors of the department Medicine and surgeryand the staff of the University Hospital of Parma and the local health unit of Piacenza.

    “The Research Committee of the Department of Medicine and Surgery has in recent years – explains the note from Parma University – a series of innovative initiatives aimed at promoting high quality levels of research within the department. The first result achieved in the direction of promoting ever greater participation of projects and technologies among the research groups of the department was the holding of an annual scientific event, “Research Day”, organized in cooperation with the Company University Hospital (AOU) Parma. After the first edition last year in Castelo de Rivalta, in recent days To the maze of Freemasonry So the second search day occurred A moment of meeting between different research groupsWith the exchange of ideas and information on ongoing projects, in order to create new collaborations and to continuously improve the quality of research.”

    The meeting began with the greetings of Vice-Rector of the University Paolo Martelli and Vice-Rector for Research Roberto Fornari, followed by a presentation by Ovidio Bussolati, Director of the Department of Medicine and Surgery, and Carlo Ferrari, Coordinator of the Research Committee of the Department. During the day Massimo Fabi, Director General of the University Hospital of Parma and Evelina CatadoriDirector of the Complex Operations Unit for Innovation and Research at Piacenza AUS: The degree course in Medicine and Surgery in English has reached its second year at Piacenza.

    “In order to promote the contribution of young people in particular – the memorandum identifies – the research groups have done so Share their research Recently through oral presentations by doctoral and post-doctoral students, postgraduate students and researchers from the university and university hospital. The 25 oral contributions were presented in five sessions that covered the department’s various research areas, including neuroscience, public health and the development of methods and techniques for disease prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. During the whole day, it was possible to view more than 50 posters representing the “identity card” of existing laboratories and research groups, summarizing methodological skills, work topics and ongoing projects ».

    At the end of the scientific program was They received awards for the best presentations Oral by Mauro Belloardo (Social Neuroscience), Benedetta Pellegrino (Medical Oncology), Silvia Ranziri (Occupational Medicine and Industrial Toxicology), Erica Mariani (Vascular Surgery) and Lorenzo Bertolotti (Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology). Furthermore, the Center of Excellence for Toxicology awarded an award in memory of Matteo Goldoni, Professor of Medical Statistics who died prematurely last February, to Paolo Osola (Psychiatry) for the quality of the statistical methodology used in a recent scientific publication.

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