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the green pass It is seen as a commitment and sometimes a nuisance. But in the realities of everyday life, from August 6, when its display becomes mandatory on many occasions, it will offer a series of advantages that are not only related to the possibility of travel. The latest benefits offered by the vaccination card were officially revealed yesterday afternoon when the Ministry of Health issued a statement confirming that Article 4 of the decree issued by the government on green pass It provides a big advantage: the possibility of the vaccinated people visiting relatives or friends in the hospital. This is a very important benefit if we consider that, so far, hospitalization is in fact equivalent to a period of isolation for patients or for those who have to undergo surgery. The Green Pass then makes it easier to enjoy shows in theaters and cinemas or provide more seating. Decrease or increase the seats available for cinemas and theaters?

Green Pass allows you to visit relatives in the hospital: what the decree says

Ceilings and heights

For cinemas and theaters, for example, the boundaries defined for the white area have been greatly expanded, and the maximum number of people in the outdoors and 2,500 indoors has been raised to a height of 5,000.
Same music for stadiums too. For sports events and competitions in the white zone, the permissible capacity is increased to 50% of the maximum allowed outdoors and to 25% indoors. This means that the 50,000 seat stadium will be able to accommodate 25,000 spectators, while the 10,000 seat gym will be able to accommodate 2,500 spectators.

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Green Pass, what can you do while waiting for 6 August to arrive and start the new rulesبدء

But the vaccination card can also have a positive effect on another very sensitive sector: transportation. As it is now known – officially at least – buses and metros cannot carry 100% of passengers and are obligated to keep at least 50% of seats empty. The same is true for trains, especially long-distance trains even if FS recently opened some Covid Free carriages with a mandatory buffer. But for now, this is an intention, which is expected by Undersecretary of Health Costa who has announced an increase in the capacity of local transport vehicles that will be authorized to allocate some wagons or some buses to passengers with green permits only.

Green Pass, what are other countries doing? Mandatory in France, liberation of all in Great Britain

If the green lane remains the path to open many doors, it is probably good to remember what exactly it is: in practice it is a digital and printable (paper) certificate, which contains a two-dimensional barcode (QR code) and an electronic seal qualifier. It is issued by the Ministry of Health across the regions.
48 hours after the first dose of the vaccine (but sometimes less), the Ministry of Health sends to those who have vaccinated an e-mail (or even a text message) to the e-mail address indicated at the time of vaccination. The email states that the Covid-19 Green Certificate is available, and can be obtained for free with a specific code. The code, expiration date and health card number of the certificate holder must be entered. The certificate is also available on the App IO (https://io.italia.it/): the certificate holder will receive the notification directly on the application, to get all the information on the green card, simply visit the website: www.dgc.gov.it .

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Green Pass and Kids, Rules: Mandatory from the age of 12 for clubs and events. A good tampon from 6 years old

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