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Morandi, the truth in 480 interceptions. Prosecutor: Ad Castellucci’s former voice is critical

  Morandi, the truth in 480 interceptions.  Prosecutor: Ad Castellucci's former voice is critical

Genoa – The Prosecutor decided: the main objections, which confirms mainly the responsibilities of Autostrade in l’Italia in Morandi Bridge collapse (43 casualties on August 14, 2018) They are 480. Among the voices deemed “relevant” are many by former Aspi CEO Giovanni Castellucci, one of the prime suspects.

Meanwhile, it turns out that three of the accused, more than 80, have died in recent months: Graziano Baldini, Autostrade’s business manager in the early 1990s; Celso Gambera, from He had managerial roles in First Trunk; Luigi Forti, also formerly at Autostrade. In addition, the failure to comply with the fact that prosecutors are willing to read the list of persons who will seek an indictment against them has been confirmed in recent days.

Acoustics before breakdown

Of course, the most relevant update to the Genoa massacre concerns wiretapping. It was Deputy Prosecutor Massimo Terrell, the owner of the file with Walter Coutogno and under the coordination of Deputy Prosecutor Paolo de Ovidio, who selected them and made them available to lawyers. Wednesday, during a special hearing called “Excerpts”, The prosecution and defense will begin to standoff over which communications should enter the operationStarting with the list made by the prosecutors, it is not certain that one step would suffice to make a decision. We recall in the investigation that more than 70 persons were involved including managers and technicians of Autostrade per l’Italia, the subsidiary company Spea and the Ministry of Infrastructure, on various charges of manslaughter, intentional collapse, omission of official documents and attacking transportation safety.

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Among the most complex cases to be examined is the state of the connection to which it relates Former Head of Aspi MaintenanceMichelle Donverie Metelli before the investigation. It dates back to October 24, 2017, when the Autostrade-Spea Summit was held. The climate is clearly not idyllic and Marco Vezil of Spea appears with a tape recorder hidden in his jacket, to fix the sound Yellow Flames will find later while searching. At this juncture, Donverie imposes the line on his subordinates and asks them to review extremely negative evaluations on the conditions of the various bridges: “What are – he says – all of these 50 (the number indicates the risk factor, the higher it is and the more urgent the maintenance needs to be done)? To pull them off … Now rewrite and make pescara (referring to a bridge in the area, edited) at 40 … Image damage is the problem of judgment».

In those conversations, it is also evident that Donferri had savings goals linked to an extreme financial operation of the group. Selling 1.49 billion shares a package For German shareholders led by Allianz and the Chinese sovereign Silk Road Fund. “I have to spend as little as possible … the Germans got in, the Chinese got in … I have to reduce costs as much as possible, you understand?”

‘Business logic’
From these exchanges, in the eyes of those who investigate, “the commercial logic behind Maintenance interventionsThe words spoken by people who are not under investigation are also important on this topic, such as Gianni Myon, former president of Edizioni Holding, Benetton Treasury, an Atlantia shareholder who controls his role in Autostrade: 2020 speaks with Giorgio Brunetti, Honorary Bocconi professor – he Maintenance was reduced, and the more time passed, the less we did … Gilberto (Benetton who died in 2018) and the whole family were happy …Judges highlight both conversations that present a more “systematic” picture and can articulate public policy, and one more specific about Morandi. Among the most “relevant” exchanges they include a letter dating from June 25, 2018, or two months ago From disaster.

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Paolo Berti, Director of Central Operations at the time, writes on WhatsApp to National Head of Maintenance Donferri Mitelli (whose entire exchange will be found on his phone) and They face each other on the bridge Then he collapsed. Bertie asks whether it is possible to “inject dehumidified air” “to remove moisture.” “The cables are really corroded,” Donverie replies. “Stica … I’m leaving …” says Bertie.

In the seminar of senior managers
At the moment, there have been no “direct” talks from Castellucci as they will be In the heart of the confrontation from Wednesday. But there is an exchange in which references to the line coming from the shareholders actually appear. From February 2020, a few months after he resigned with his severance package from Atlantia. Carlo Bertazzo (not investigated), who had been appointed a few weeks earlier as CEO of Atlantia instead of Castellucci himself, speaks to Fabio Sirchia (investigated) who had been President of Atlantia for some time. “He says – referring to Castellucci – Bertazzo says -” Look at this edition, look at the Benettons, Throw me in the company Because they wanted dividends, dividends, and dividends … I found myself in a difficult situation to manage … ”

For investigators, the “tough situation” has to do with savings in preservation Infrastructures are different primarily Morandi. Sircia is surprised: “I struggle to lead him (he means this kind of thinking, liberated) to Giovanni – he repeats -. If you told me that “these Benettons mistreated me” (meaning a phrase that Castellucci, Editor could have spoken) it could be. But they threw him in plaster and forced him to profit, so I do not believe it … ». Nevertheless, Bertazzo is convinced of this and repeats. “He says they only think of the dividend and have clothed the company. This is the word that I found in two sources ».

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