Home Economy Mobile Rai license fees: What to expect in 2022

Mobile Rai license fees: What to expect in 2022

Mobile Rai license fees: What to expect in 2022

A premise floats in the predicament of the Italian financial future. Can the Rai mobile license be extended from next year?

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In a few weeks, watching TV at home will be a habit that will change drastically. In fact, at the end of the month, the first taste of the new digital terrestrial service will arrive, which will be definitively operational starting from the new year. But this is not the only controversy dominating the future of television. Indeed, in recent weeks, the Rai license fee has been regularly ending up on the public discussion table, not because of the tax itself, but for the possibility that something in the payment procedure will change by 2022. The last item concerns the possibility of returning the separate leaflet from the electricity bill.

But at the moment we are considering the hypothesis. However, at this rank, we didn’t even get to think of a possible increase. Rai Group CEO Carlo Fuortes, in fact, Compare the amount of Italian tax With those other European countries apply to public television, showing that countries like France, Germany and Switzerland travel at much higher thresholds. Hence, proposing how the relationship between tax and service would be inconsistent in our country.

Rai and smartphone licensing fees: What you need to know

However, in Italy, the church rai is not at all liked. And the decision to include it in the electricity bill, a move decided in 2016 by the then Renzi government to combat tax evasion, certainly did not improve the relationship. This strategy, in fact, assumes that each taxpayer has a supply of electricity He has a device at home that can provide satellite TV service. By requiring anyone who is not in this situation to report this to the Revenue Agency. In any case, the fee for mobile devices is not included in the fee of €90 per year. Yes, because many smartphones and iPhones allow you to access the same services as the TV. In some cases it is more performance.

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Essentially, for now at least, Rai charges are applied to a TV that is “capable of receiving, decoding, and displaying a digital terrestrial or satellite signal.” Both directly and via the decoder. Therefore, without a TV in the house, the fee can be waived, based on the notification of the Revenue Agency. Thus, smartphones and the like are excluded. But in 2022, something could change. And it was the CEO of Fuortes who sounded the alarm, launching between the lines a proposal to expand the Rai Fee app to multimedia devices, precisely in the name of the discrepancy found in the apps compared to other European countries. A decision that would create a short circuit…

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