Minnie 2023: photos without a veil

    Minnie 2023: photos without a veil

    about to arrive – View the new generation of Minniewhich should reach the agents By the end of 2023. And just in time, the uncamouflaged photos of the English city car captured it Autoblog. com On the streets of Los Angeles during a photo shoot. In the photo you can see the Mini Cooper SE, so the Electric version from 3 doors, which also includes different types of internal combustion engines. Electric will be built in China on a new platform in collaboration with Great Wall, while the latter will adopt an evolution of the existing platform and will be produced in England.

    what’s left – In particular , Mini Cooper SE It featured a lime green S on the grille, which was identical to that of the current versions. Some typical features of the British brand, such as the large framed front grille, contrasting roof and overall shapes, remain recognizable, albeit with a streamlined design.

    And what changes – On the other hand, the air intake on the hood, a feature of all models to date, has disappeared mini cooper s. Other elements have also been changed in a larger sense Clean lines and surfaces: the handles are flush with the bodywork and the classic black plastic mudguards are ditched. But the biggest changes can be seen in the back, where the tailgate also incorporates the lights, which are perfectly joined by a horizontal bar bearing the model name. The design of the headlights is triangular, in contrast to the round shapes of the bodywork.

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