Home Top News Minneapolis police shoot a man during a traffic stop

Minneapolis police shoot a man during a traffic stop

Minneapolis police shoot a man during a traffic stop

Videos Spread Online By a reporter for the Star Tribune newspaper who showed that people were quickly descending on the scene, and some were yelling at the police.

Mayor Jacob Frey said in a statement that he would share information about the shooting as quickly as possible, saying transparency was essential to rebuild trust between police and people of color.

“We must all commit ourselves to obtaining the facts, pursuing justice and maintaining peace,” said Mr. Frey.

In the wake of Mr. Floyd dies on May 25 Outside Cup Foods storeDemonstrators tore apart the city, demanding that the officers be charged. some people They burned a police station After the withdrawal of the officers, and setting fire to a number of shops; Weeks later, One man’s body was found In a charred pawnshop.

Soon, the three Minneapolis officers who pinned Mr. Floyd to the sidewalk, as well as a fourth officer at the scene were shot. Derek Chauvin, the former officer who placed his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck, was charged with second degree murder and second degree murder, and the other three were charged with aiding and abetting him. All have pleaded not guilty; The trial date has been set for March, but lawyers ’request for some officers to postpone the trial remains pending.

In response to this year’s police killings of Mr. Floyd and other blacks, including Briona Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky.And and Richard Brooks in AtlantaProtests They are spread throughout the country, And reach coastal cities familiar with demonstrations, such as Portland, Oregon, and New York, but also smaller cities across the Midwest and South.

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Several cities responded by seeking police reform and budget cuts. Minneapolis City Council voted this month to Transferring $ 8 million from the police department For other city services, about 4.5 percent of the administration’s proposed budget, but many councilors Early promises to “end policing as we know it” have collapsed..

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