«Milan, great benefits from our commitment»

    «Milan, great benefits from our commitment»

    Having already hit the mark with critics and audiences in the US, the movie is out today in Italian cinemas Air – The Story of the Great Leap. Co-produced by Artists Equity, Amazon Studios, Mandalay Pictures, Skydance Media and distributed by Amazon and Warner Bros., the film tells the story of the agreement between Nike and Michael Jordan to create an iconic line of sporting goods.

    Oscar winner Matt Damon He plays the main character, Sonny Vaccaro, while the two-time Oscar winner Ben Affleck Directed by the film, in addition to playing the role of the founder of Nike, Phil Knight. Artists Equity, of which AIR is the first project, was founded in late 2022 by Hollywood stars Ben Affleck And Matt Damon And from Redbird Capital to Jerry Cardinale To cultivate the art of storytelling, with the fair treatment of the people who make the films.

    With reference to the media activities in which he is involved, Cardinale is also the second largest investor in sky dance and helped establish Skydance Sports and its partnership with the NFL. He is also the owner of YES Network in New York, which he co-created with the Yankees in 2000. With Artists Equity, Cardinale has added a new piece to his long experience building large-scale business platforms.

    Congratulations on the emergence of AIR just months after Artists Equity was born, Jerry Cardinale commented:As we move faster and faster towards technologies that are changing content consumption patterns by fans, this movie is a perfect representation of the convergence of sports, media, and culture.».

    «Subjects like us should be catalysts for this development. You can’t wait for change to appear, but you need to look for it early on. There is a role to play for institutional capital and business building expertise such as ours. It’s not just about bringing in capital and increasing revenue, but putting our skills at the service of partnerships that can anticipate the future“, he added.

    In this regard, Jerry Cardinale sees a future in which sports clubs will be “cultural companies” and in which “Culture and individuals are increasingly becoming intellectual property in their own right“, while “Great dislocation is happening in sports and in the media creating spaces“In addition to that.”Sports today is only one leg of a stool, and it is not enough to prevent it from falling. Hence the search for new models, which I help build, to reduce the gap. I am convinced of that too Milan will be able to reap great benefits From this vision and our commitment».

    And the cardinal continues: «When you look at the monetization of intellectual property, what I’m in favor of is moving from a culture of intermediaries to a culture of owners. That’s where our capital comes in, in partnership with real content creators. We’ve done it with Lebron James and Maverick Carter through Springhill, with Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia in the XFL and now with Ben Affleck and Matt Demon at Artists Equity. Now, all parts of the fragmented intellectual property, be it a team, a league, or an individual, have the potential to break free to realize their true value. One example is what we’ve done with the NFL and MLB and OneTeam with collective rights for professional athletes. New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner told me the same thing when we created the Yes Network over 20 years ago: Why do I charge a small fee when the owners put in all the money and all the risk for high quality production?».

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