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Milan and Banco BPM together for a new project targeting youth

Milan e Banco BPM insieme per un nuovo progetto rivolto ai giovani

The “Tutti i Colori dello Sport” initiative, promoted by Milan in cooperation with Banco BPM and Società Editoriale Vita, is part of the RESPACT program launched by Rossoneri Club to promote social justice, equality and inclusiveness. Including a series of events that will see the participation of Italian schools and some community networks, the project is a great place to promote virtuous opportunities for comparison.

The aim of “Tutti i Colori dello Sport” is to inspire new generations to a culture of dialogue and reflection by sharing the growth experiences of the Rossoneri representatives who have always been committed to sharing the educational values ​​associated with the sport.

Yesterday it was the turn of fifth graders from the IIS Olga Fiorini-Marco Pantani, Busto Arsizio High School. About 150 students, along with a group of young people from the Exodus co-op who intervened in this regard, had the opportunity to confront Rossoneri striker Valentina Bergamchi and David Cordone, Milan’s women’s deputy coach. During the meeting, Milan testimonials were discussed with Marco Degi – the head of the Milan and Lombardy Regional Department at Banco BPM – and the young students, who spoke with numerous questions, about issues related to gender equality and the difficulties an athlete could undertake. Meet along the way.

The program will continue during the next academic year. Appointment in October for the first of a series of new meetings devoted to discussions with Italian high school students on issues of diversity, tolerance and inclusiveness.

Sara Ciaparella, President of the Professional Sports Institute, Marco Pantani, commented, “Our institute, for more than 15 years, has been involved in the educational and school project in support of student-athletes and athletes, largely in line with the values ​​promoted by the association calling for self-respect and others, equality, solidarity and action. “Volunteering. These topics are discussed with our children, starting with sports, and it is a great way to convey these values, if you know and live properly.”

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“The heroes of these meetings are children: we are proud of our ability to contribute to the discussion that teachers have on the core issues that AC Milan has committed to implementing through RESPACT,” added Martino Ruggie, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at AC Milan. It can make an important contribution to fostering a culture of sensitivity, respect and inclusion in students. We are delighted to have friends Vita and Banco BPM by our side on this adventure, with whom we share values ​​and methodology. “

“We are proud of our ability to support AC Milan in this project that promotes inclusiveness, culture and awareness of gender equality in schools. These issues mean that adults are more aware tomorrow,” said Marco Degi, Head of the Milan and North Lombardy Regional Department at Banco BP. BPM is on an ambitious path to sustainability, and is attentive and sensitive in supporting all those initiatives that manage to reconcile education and training with respect and inclusion. “

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