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Microsoft’s arrival and Windows 11: a renewed layout and opening for Android apps

Microsoft's arrival and Windows 11: a renewed layout and opening for Android apps

Start menu move – At first glance, the most interesting modernity concerns aesthetics. Renewed icons and windows, sweeter and more rounded shapes, but above all one start menu Which leaves its traditional bottom left position to position itself in the middle of the screen. Finally, the possibility of having two different interfaces for “light mode” or “dark mode”, with customizable transparency and animations.

The page is configured as you wish – An operating system designed to optimize smart work, allowing the user to experience multitasking. Thanks to the new job.Capture Layouts”, it will be possible to divide the screen into four parts, choosing the most comfortable configuration to be able to work on multiple applications at the same time.

Easier video conferencing Other new concerns Microsoft Teams, the communication platform that has been used in the past year for distance learning and business meetings. Redmond decided to integrate it directly into the operating system: a decision that could lead to the gradual abandonment of Skype, also owned by Microsoft.

An “open” system for developers – Redmond focused on the desire to create an “open” system, based on interoperability with other platforms: for this reason, Microsoft Store It will allow developers to download all kinds of applications and give users the ability to run a program Originally intended for Android.

Video games, updates and artificial intelligence – Windows 11 news is also concerned with the gaming world: Xbox Game PassThe subscription content library for the game system of the same name will be integrated directly into the new operating system. But this counts 40% smaller updates It is improved when it occurs in the background. One last look goes into artificial intelligence, with Windows widgets Which will give each user a personalized feed based on their interests with news, weather updates and traffic information.

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