Microsoft and Activision, Ghostwire: Tokyo proves Sony has nothing to fear

    Microsoft and Activision, Ghostwire: Tokyo proves Sony has nothing to fear

    GhostWire: Tokyo It will be available starting tomorrow on Xbox Series X | S, after a full year PlayStation exclusive. However it is good news for Sony: If all transfers will be handled this way, the Japanese company He has nothing to fear compared toMicrosoft’s acquisition of Activision.

    Our position is clearly a provocation. But the truth is that Tango Gameworks, a development team turned Microsoft-owned, had exactly one year to bring the game from PS5 to Xbox Series X | S and take advantage of the opportunity Correction of technical defects which plagued him on his way out.

    If you’ve read our analysis of the Xbox Series X version of Ghostwire: Tokyo, you’ll already know that none of this happened: the soul shooter created by studio Shinji Mikami has landed on Redmond’s home console. same performance problems From the PS5 version.

    So yeah, in theory, it would have been possible to evaluate the first-party nature of this production and investment in order to deliver to Xbox owners The best possible version of Ghostwire: Tokyobut for reasons beyond our understanding (to avoid harassment by antitrust commissions? again?) things turned out differently.

    If a couple of pieces of evidence prove it, there is no doubt that for some time now, a certain amount of confusion has been circulating in the Xbox community regarding Microsoft administration capabilitiesWhich has bought a large number of talented development teams, that’s right, but not yet getting the proper results for the investment.

    Maybe really with a launch Redfall before f starfield Then the situation will take a completely different turn and we will see a wave of quality releases on Xbox Game Pass, realizing the means at hand and how to really bring them to fruition, to the fullest and at decent times.

    However, at the moment, there is no danger of it being close, possibly Call of duty Works better on Xbox Series X than PS5: It doesn’t seem to be within Microsoft’s policies to achieve an advantage in the console environment.

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