Home entertainment Microsoft Activision, South Africa agrees to a billion dollar acquisition

Microsoft Activision, South Africa agrees to a billion dollar acquisition

Microsoft Activision, South Africa agrees to a billion dollar acquisition

South Africa also agreedFurther unconditionally, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard King: the news has arrived in the last few hours. There are now nearly 40 countries that have sided with the Redmond giant in what has become a veritable journey – announced at the start of 2021 and not yet over.

Without wanting anything for South Africa, it is unfortunately necessary to note that its decision certainly does not have much weight on the whole procedure: it is easy to imagine that Microsoft could, in extreme cases, even decide to abandon the secondary markets opposed to the deal (which, as we remember, could be one of the largest in history – and not just for the video game sector but in absolute levels, with More than $68 billion on the plate), at least if their number remains satisfied. More sensitive is the question regarding the United States and the United Kingdom, which are the only two countries that have taken sides against the deal and at the same time two of the most important markets for the company.

All is not yet lost to Microsoft, but we are now in the final stages: A process with the FTC is currently under way, and its outcome will determine whether or not the process is “final” approved (up to a certain point, at least). Such maneuvers will likely continue indefinitely, but Microsoft’s leadership has made it clear that they see the process as a last-ditch effort — if it loses, more years of negotiation, talk, and pressure should follow, an effort such that the game isn’t worth the candle.

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This could mean that the appeal process against the UK’s Capital Markets Authority’s decision, which has been announced and ordered in recent weeks, cannot even take place. Like we said, we may have come to the end of the saga: Microsoft and the FTC testified in court for five days in late June, The judge’s ruling is expected by the end of this week.

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