Michelle Obama and her second book: The Light We Carry


    Michelle Obama has let uncertainty drive her towards a new book. titled The light we carryin Italian The light that is in us Translated by Garzanti, it will arrive in bookstores in the fall.

    Although the White House is now not out of reach, Michelle Obama He’s cultivating his public presence more and more and will soon be back in the library with a second book. the first – Becoming: My Story – Presented as an autobiography, and the second titled The light that is in us (in the original language The light we carry) which is a set of Thoughts And the anecdotes.

    Michelle Obama
    Credits: ANSA

    Barack Obama’s wife is a volcano of ideas and initiatives. In fact, his contribution to the house is not surprising Netflix. Together with her husband they gave birth to one production house Which deals with creating new content for streaming entertainment platforms. After the release of the documentary, the Obamas are ready to release their first drama series – hopefully soon – in Netflix. And although these projects still look muddled, it second book He already has one Exit dateat least in the United States.

    The light we carryWhat do we know about Michelle Obama’s new book?

    In this second volumeThe former first lady of America’s most beloved has combined all the reflections and doubts of recent years between personal anecdotes and thoughts that make her more human and accessible in the reader’s eyes. Michelle Obama announced the arrival of the book through one of her Instagram posts, in which she wrote:This book is a collection of stories and practices that have helped me overcome all the challenges and questions that keep us up at night: How do I know if I am worth enough? How do I give all I have? How can I overcome my fears?“.

    Michelle Obama
    Credits: ANSA

    but come on what it reflects Exactly the former first lady in this volume? on me they changeon me Energyon me Challenges Each of us is forced to face it every day. But the most valuable reflection he wants to share with his readers is precisely: to share is the real power. Because it is only by connecting with others that we can bestow upon them wealth, fill them with pieces of the world, and come close to other, deeper truths.

    Michelle Obama
    Michelle Obama

    Not surprisingly, in the foreground Former First Lady he wrote: “I have learned that it is good to realize that self-respect is hidden in fragility, and that what unites us as human beings on this earth is the instinct to fight for the best always and anyway“.

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