Miami, the new show format makes the Flyers angry: here they are, who slammed another American – Mow

    Miami, the new show format makes the Flyers angry: here they are, who slammed another American – Mow

    The pre-race show at the Miami GP did not convince most of the champions, who leveled some criticism at the typical American organisation. George Russell: “A form of distraction, because I’m here to race. I’m not here to show. I’m here to ride and I’m here to win.” The only sound from the Hamilton choir…

    gGreat show before the race GP extension to You used to love methe show that saw the performance of the American rapper LL Cool J. Not only that, he introduced each driver to the fans in attendance before cheering The national anthem of the United States. The singer is also present Will.i.amto conduct the orchestra that performed the new song by Formula 1. usually conduct Americanwhich did not welcome the riders, who did not fail to express themselves in harsh terms towards a format that did not allow teams to focus on racing. George Russellpilot Mercedes Rename the format as follows: “Form from distractionWhy I’m here to run. I’m not here for the show. I’m here to drive and I’m here Wins. Although he is open to change, he sees it Not the correct format for Formula 1, but suitable for the world of entertainment. His wish is not to happen again.

    toalso Lando Norrispilot McLarenHe told him, “There Limit about what we should do. We are here for to focus About doing the job, not just standing in front of anyone camera The whole day”. Fernando Alonsoagainst the Miami organization, he offered some criticism: “If we have to do it, I think we should Delete something, like the parade of pilots, because it takes place in the middle of the setup with the engineers and strategists. If we do that, we have to do it everywhere because I don’t think the Miami fans are better than the Italian fans in Imola, Spain, Mexico or Japan.” Max Verstappen Instead, he just mentioned his tendency to stay away from the cameras. The only dissenting sound was a voice Lewis Hamilton: “I think that It’s nice that the sport is constantly growing and developing. They are trying new things. They are trying to improve the show and I totally support that.”

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