Metal Gear Solid Remake is on PS5 and will be announced soon, according to AreaJugones –

    Metal Gear Solid Remake is on PS5 and will be announced soon, according to AreaJugones -

    The question reappears Metal Gear Solid Edition for PS5which according to the Spanish site AreaJugones It will be there and should be announced soonby confirmation from an unidentified source who contacted him directly.

    The site cites some “information received” from an “unidentified source”, which would have confirmed the existence of Metal Gear Solid Remake, which has been in the works on PS5 for years and should be introduced soon.

    Metal Gear Solid, screenshot from the original
    Metal Gear Solid, screenshot from the original

    Obviously the matter is not verifiable at the moment and the credibility of the source is uncertain, so the thing is quite a part of the rumors that all need to be confirmed.

    RegionTo make it credible, I mentioned that in the past he had successfully predicted the new colors of the DualSense and some PlayStation Plus titles, but since these aren’t the same sources, this doesn’t prove much.

    However, this isn’t the first time the game in question has been talked about, since a Metal Gear Solid remake has been a part of the rumors for years. Recently, it has resurfaced as a possible work for Team Virtuos, though this remains highly questionable. The new version will reportedly be aExclusively on PS5so it will not be expected even on PS4, waiting for more information.

    Given the recent presentation in the remake of Silent Hill 2 and the various projects related to the series by Konami, we are now more inclined to believe that Metal Gear Solid could return as well, but for now, the evidence is not yet very convincing. Moreover, a certain confusion is being created among the rumors: the latter seem to refer to a remake of the first chapter, while recently there has been talk of a possible remake of Metal Gear Solid 3, which will also be joined by the remastered versions of the first three seasons.

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