Meta Wins FTC Case Over Virtual Reality Does It Look Good For Microsoft? –

    Meta Wins FTC Case Over Virtual Reality Does It Look Good For Microsoft?  –

    Half she has He won the case With FTC extension Regarding the acquisition of Inside Unlimited, a startup that deals with virtual reality: Bloomberg reports on the basis of sources familiar with the ruling. Well, this aspect can be a tangible advantage for Microsoft.

    As you’ll surely remember, last December the FTC decided to sue Microsoft to prevent the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, but it’s the same principle about potential competition risks that prompted the commission to sue Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

    In this case, Judge Edward Davila on Wednesday morning The FTC’s request to block the transaction was denied, but put it on hold for a week, waiting to see if the US regulator decides to appeal. None of the parties involved made any statements.

    If the ruling results in the FTC refusing to continue, it will undoubtedly be a severe blow to the policy Aversion to big technology carried out by the President Lina Khanas well as a premium bank for Microsoft.

    Indeed, if the Redmond company is truly able to meet the demands of European and English regulators, as it seems determined to do, the FTC will at this point remain the only hurdle to an Activision Blizzard acquisition: one less insidious after the defeat with the meta.

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