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Messenger and Instagram work on “secure messages”: updates

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For quite some time, Facebook Messenger and Instagram have been working on “secure messages”. At what stage is the business

Instagram and Messenger continue to work on “secure messages” (Getty Images)

Related messages End-to-end encryption It is now widely used by many messaging platforms. Just think about Telegram signal eWhich has witnessed a boom in the number of new users, especially after the controversy surrounding the instructions The WhatsApp. Since 2016, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram have also been working on implementation Such a system.

As of today, nothing is known about the possible release dates of the update and it appears so We still have to wait. As evidenced by a post posted on the official Facebook blog, in fact, it appears that design work should not be completed before 2022. Bad news for all users and For their safety on the Internet.

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Messenger and Instagram, user complaints

Instagram Messenger
There are actually many complaints from users. (Getty Images)

There are no encrypted messages in Facebook Messenger ed Instagram Make a lot of users raise their noses – not a few. It started 5 years ago, and the light at the end of the tunnel is still invisible. The developers made sure to point out that this job is very demanding and time consuming, Defer conclusions to 2022. The news was not taken up by users, who have complained about little effort in recent years to give more importance to other minor features.

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The sensor is that if important news does not arrive in the coming months, there could be a new exodus like this one As it happened with WhatsApp in the beginning of the year. There is no shortage of alternatives, and the Zuckerberg companies need to take a step.

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