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Mercedes Vision EQXX: What do you know

Mercedes Vision EQXX: What do you know

The Mercedes Vision EQXX range is gradually catching up on its way, a new advance in the all-electric vehicle strategy. During the 2020 meeting, this new concept was analyzed which will serve as a look to the next phase of the EQ brand.

Stuttgart says so Pushing the limits of independence and efficiencyIt will also rely on UK-based HPP Group – the people responsible for the F1 engine.

Mercedes Vision EQXX: Specifications

With that in mind, Mercedes offers some really cool specs – including a range of approx 620 miles. Rather than simply increasing the battery, Mercedes intends to do so efficiently: the EQXX aims for a power density of 20% higher than that of Mercedes’ current electric flagship, the EQS.

The latter is a model expected by the summer of 2021 and many previews can already be found online. This car is a replacement for the Tesla S and Porsche Taycan. Its electric motor is compatible with the public charging network and features a large control and entertainment screen.

How will you be?

So far we only have teaser images, but the silhouette indicates a file Slippery and tapered vehicle very similar to previous Benz concepts.

Being electric, efficiency will be critical, and Mercedes engineers have already stated that they choose a lower Cd than an EQS.

We should see the full project in 2022, although we may have more information at the Munich Motor Show.


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