Mental patterns: How influenced are we by those we are unaware of?

    Mental patterns: How influenced are we by those we are unaware of?

    There has been a lot of talk in recent years gender equalityand the elimination of inequality between men and women in education, work, health and politics as well one of the goals affiliateUnited Nations Agenda 2030. If we think about it rationally, it seems impossible that humans in the 21st century could still fall into the trap of discriminatory ideas, of any kind: He writesinSweat of belonging tosexual orientation. however. Pragya AgarwalExpert in Data science and behavioral sciences h Visiting professor At Loughborough University in the UK, he devoted his research activity to this topic, applying it above all to issues such as social inequality and injustice. He devoted his latest book to the topic of choices based on unconscious biases.Sway: Detecting Unconscious Bias“.

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    If it comes mistakes that threaten our survival – and therefore the prospect of survival of the entire species – or in any case our physical safety, our brain soon learns to make the necessary connections so that we avoid repeating it. Instead, the situation becomes more subtle and complex when entering a file psychological field: What does science tell us, for example, about the mechanisms of such confirmation biasWhich prompts us to see evidence only to confirm our reasoning, right or wrong? Internet searches are affected to some extent by the so-called “filter bubble”, so also our minds can get caught in a web made up of predefined patterns and Irrational thinking Or even simply Outdatedwhich has become insufficient over time. In fact, the situations around us are changing rapidly and so are ourselves We are developing Not only as a species but also as individuals. But Agarwal writes in the article published on ConversationBasically our brain Lazy and dedicated to saving energy: between creating a new scheme from the acquisition of new information and knowledge and putting a “ready” scheme into action, he will choose the second option. Maybe it’s all about consciousness that we have in relation to these charts.

    What does the belly tell us?

    The question, then, is in part about what we call it Instinctor this way of thinking that helps us take some decisions quickly, which sometimes makes sense and sometimes doesn’t. But beware of deeming this least rational part of our brain completely useless: the how He writes always available Conversation Valerie van MolocumResearch Associate in the Department of Psychology at Coventry University (UK), as well asgut instinct It serves us and sometimes it saves us, as when we instinctively dodge a stone about to fall on our heads. In that case, if we have an excuse to get us involved Analytical partWe might move when the time comes Too late. Likewise, we cannot think of evaluating each of our daily choices on the basis of logical and analytical reasoning, otherwise we would spend most of our days choosing what to cook, what dress to wear, and which way to go to work. until the “intuitive decisions” They are good for us and don’t always turn out to be irrational, in fact they can be Based on previous experiences, which we do not need to re-analyze each time. “Effective wayHe writes van molokum – The two ways of thinking are complementary and can work together: we use them together regularly. Even the most groundbreaking scientific research can begin with intuitive knowledge that enables scientists to formulate innovative ideas and hypotheses, which can then be validated through rigorous testing and analyses.“.L’Fusion Between the two systems, in short, as almost always happens, is essential.

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