Home Tech Men and women, Giovanna Abate tells of having surgery

Men and women, Giovanna Abate tells of having surgery

Men and women, Giovanna Abate tells of having surgery

Giovanna Abate, former tronista men and womenI’ve had a bad time lately. A few months ago, the beautiful Romanian informed her fans, through Instagram stories, that she had to undergo an operation.

In fact, the former tronista suffered from severe pains in the lower abdomen, which in the last period intensified. Specialized tests diagnosed her with polyps. Giovanna, interview by magazine men and womenHe said he was fine and healthy again

L ‘Abate She admitted that the postoperative period was very painful, having to stay two weeks in bed without being able to get up, completely relying on others. to deal with GiovannaBesides her friends, it was her parents who took care of her despite their separation.

The former face of men and women She admitted that she is single and that her plans are not aimed at finding her better half. GiovannaJust a few months ago, He admitted that he’s flirting with an outcast fromFamous IslandAkash Kumar. In fact, according to the influencer, the two should have seen each other again upon his return to Italy, after trying on reality shows, but in the end they didn’t hear each other out.

As for the former suitor, Sami Hassan, which – which The head of the monastery had chosen during his throne a men and womenThe young businesswoman admitted that she had lost contact with him. However, the influencer stated that the young man wrote to her for information about her health condition.

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Still in the field of love, the former troon player admitted that he never asked himself what was right or wrong, declaring that the most wrong choices were the result of his own will. Giovanna In fact, she admitted that she did not have a love story as she liked. According to the influencer, this is due to following the heart rather than listening to the head. according toAbate There is a wrong man to all women and he is a pathological narcissist who, after pursuing his goal, dumps feelings of insecurity on the partner making him feel wrong.

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