Meloni from tomorrow in London to strengthen the partnership between Italy and the United Kingdom

    Meloni from tomorrow in London to strengthen the partnership between Italy and the United Kingdom

    From the sixth generation fighter to coordinating foreign policy, particularly on Ukraine, Africa and the Indo-Pacific: these will be some of the main topics of the Prime Minister’s visit to London. Georgia Meloni It will be held tomorrow and Friday. This is Meloni’s first two-day visit to a European country, a sign of the importance the Italian government attaches to relations with the United Kingdom and crowns the excellent state of bilateral relations between the two countries and re-launches the strategic dialogue ever. With a major partner and ally. Chance to meet the Prime Minister Rishi SunakMeloni had already conducted an interview last November in Sharm El-Sheikh on the sidelines of the COP27 summit, and to discuss various files of common interest. According to what was reported by diplomatic sources of “Nova agencyThere will be “positive and encouraging feelings in light of the meeting that will take place on April 27 between Meloni and Snack” and this is also thanks to the “very positive conversations that preceded the visit”.

    Italy, in fact, wants to propose itself as the main partner of the United Kingdom among the countries of the European Union, thanks to the common political spectrum that brings together the respective governments. An important contribution to bilateral relations is also ensured by the large community of Italian citizens residing in the UK (considering the more than 500,000 registered with Aire). Most of them are professionals, economic and financial operators, experts and highly specialized officials, as well as advocates of universities, cultural and scientific worlds attracted by the vitality of the British economic, cultural and social panorama.
    The relations are becoming increasingly tense with successive mutual visits in recent months. The Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs stopped in London on 13 March George SeelyMinister of Justice on two occasions Charles Nordeau At the end of February and on March 21, and last week the Governor of the Bank of Italy Ignatius Fiesco. Most importantly, it was the visit of three British government ministers – the Honorary Foreign Secretary James CleverlyThis defense Ben Wallace And Kimi BadenochMinister of International Trade and Enterprise – last February 8 and 9 in Rome. By far this was the most important government delegation to arrive in Italy since the inauguration of the government led by Giorgia Meloni, confirming the desire for a closer and more mutually beneficial relationship.

    Moreover, mutual benefits can be derived from the Global Air Combat Program (Gcap) which includes Italy, the United Kingdom and Japan and is expected to develop the sixth generation combat aircraft by 2035. And the defense ministers of the three countries, the “Italians”. Guido CrocitoAnd the British Ben Wallace and the Japanese Yasukazu Hamada, discussed Gcap on March 16 in Tokyo, during the first meeting after the signing of the program agreement held last December, affirming the will to complete the basic project by 2024. However, the Italian-British cooperation goes beyond defense and aerospace. Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Anthony TajaniMinister of International Trade and Enterprise, Kimi BadenochOn February 8, she signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic dialogue to promote bilateral exports and investments. Through the memorandum, Italy and the United Kingdom aim to deepen the strong economic partnership between the two countries, adapting it to the “post-Brexit” context. The document is another sign of how Italy wants to present itself as a privileged partner of the United Kingdom, even in an area such as trade that has deeply marked the British economic and social context after the decision to leave the European Union. Even after Brexit, economic cooperation with the UK remains strong and diversified, with strong industrial integration and ample growth prospects: 35.6 billion in trade in 2022 (+13 percent in 2021 and in line with pre-Covid data), With a positive balance of 19 billion euros. The UK is a major investor in Italy with €26 billion of foreign direct investment (FDI) concentrated in the financial, insurance and energy sectors. Moreover, the presence of Italian entrepreneurs in the UK has deep roots, with foreign direct investment reaching $31.8 billion, mainly in defense, energy, renewables, infrastructure and transport.

    With regard to foreign policy, there is a clear rapprochement between Italy and the United Kingdom on the most important international files. The governments of the two countries show strong support for Ukraine in the context of Russia’s military aggression: both Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visited Kiev and reassured the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Full support on all fronts: in terms of military, humanitarian and economic supplies, a theme that was also underlined on the occasion of today’s bilateral conference on the reconstruction taking place in Rome. Moreover, Italy and the United Kingdom are watching the African continent carefully – both in the context of the deteriorating situation in Sudan and with the aim of limiting the influence of players such as Russia and China – and with renewed commitment also to the Indian quarter. – Pacific, with the aim of strengthening relations with India and containing Beijing’s goals, especially towards Taiwan. Moreover, the focus on the issue of migration flows is not excluded, another issue that sees the governments of the two countries traveling in common positions, although the United Kingdom has to deal with a theater of smaller dimensions such as the English Channel, compared to Italy which, on the one hand, Others, aimed at managing the controlled flow throughout the Mediterranean basin and through the Balkan route. In short, there will be no shortage of topics for discussion for Giorgia Meloni, just as there is no shortage of the possibility of deepening cooperation along the axis between Rome and London.

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