Home entertainment Meloni explains why he did not attend Paolo Borsellino’s vigil

Meloni explains why he did not attend Paolo Borsellino’s vigil

Meloni explains why he did not attend Paolo Borsellino’s vigil

Rome, July 19. (askanews) – “The torch parade…the torch parade was very much on the agenda. I preferred to do the most corporate thing there was, this morning, because on the other hand, let’s face it, I know how these things are, if only I’d been in The torch procession, they would have told me “It’s not the most institutional thing, because historically the torch procession is organized by a scholar, it’s not party-based at all, but it’s a torch procession in which not everyone participates, even through politics, it’s their choice, because it has no symbols , but it is appropriate. There could have been controversy about this too ”: thus explains Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni – speaking at the Prefecture in Palermo on the 31st anniversary of the Via D’Amelio massacre – because tonight he will not take part in a torchlight vigil in memory of Judge Paolo Borsellino organized by the right traditionally.

“I came to Palermo and did what I thought was right to do as Prime Minister. This evening there is another initiative in Civitavecchia related to the Coast Guard in which I announced my presence, and therefore I tried to put everything together, as Prime Minister. The Minister is trying to do and I don’t think this should be raises controversy.”

He concluded, “I am a person who always allows himself to walk with his head held high, and I have never run away and have never run in my entire life, especially when it comes to the Mafia.”

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