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Meet the Israeli “Greta Thunberg”, the Nobel Peace Prize nominee

Meet the Israeli

Israeli solar energy pioneer Yosef Abramovich was nominated for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize by Blue and White MK Mikey Himovich, who is among 318 known candidates for the prize. Friday winner also known as “Captain Sunshine” is expected to be chosen, Abramovitz It was the first to bring an entire region, with partners, from a country, the Eilat region, to a point where 100% of its daytime energy needs could be obtained from solar energy, and this move took almost 14 years and set a world record. The Jerusalem Post This is the fifth consecutive month that Eilat-Eilot residents turn on air conditioning and Wi-Fi from renewable energy. It is also working to make the region the first to answer the needs of day and night with green energy by 2025, and its other projects include working to transform Juba in southern Sudan to become the first African capital to meet its energy needs by using solar energy. Abramovi is one of the few to have built solar panels in sub-Saharan Africa. He said green energy is a basic human right.“As a family, we sacrificed a lot [for this work] “We are still on the negative side,” Abramovitz told the newspaper. “We expect to start taking profits in about three years.” He also helped a Bedouin village install solar panels, and he is taking part in the Israeli-Palestinian efforts that join the planet in helping the two communities coexist. Abramovitz said: The Jewish concept of tikkun olam (reforming the world) is the driving force behind his work. “Our investors are IMPACT investors who want to do good, as well as make a return on their capital,” he said. He suggested that religion could be a powerful force in inspiring humanity to take care of the planet. “When it comes to the climate, Pope Francis speaks on my behalf,” he said Mail. He also praised the views given to him by former Cairo Mufti Ali Gomaa and the work currently being done by Rabbi Jenny Rosen of Dayeno, a Jewish movement aimed at combating the climate crisis. Greta Thunberg He is also an award nominee. Abramovitz praised her work, calling it “the clear voice that brings truth to power.”

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