Medicine: Dino Casaroto died of heart disease in Padua – Veneto

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    (ANSA) – PADOWA, NOVEMBER 15 – Professor Dino Casaruto, a cardiac surgeon who in 1991 became director of the Center for Cardiac Surgery at Hospital of Padua, in Padua, has died at the age of 81.

    Casaruto died in hospital at night between Saturday and Sunday, suffering from illnesses he had been treating for some time, but the infection was fatal. The surgeon was one of the most famous heart surgeons, his name is also known in judicial circles: in 2003 he was arrested for corruption, accused of implanting defective valves in patients, causing two victims. He was convicted in the first instance, but on the appeal process he was acquitted of corruption charges due to the statute of limitations, and then acquitted of all charges: he did not know that the valves distributed by a Brazilian pharmaceutical company were marketed with forged certificates.

    “He lived for his patients, he spent 12 hours a day in the hospital, Saturday and Sunday – says his student today, and the director of the center at Galucci, Gino Girosa – for us was a perfect example.” (Dealing).

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