Medical emergency, only the central called. From today only until 116117

    Medical emergency, only the central called.  From today only until 116117

    health care New provisions in Ats Valtellina and Alto Lario: you must always call the Central Station at 116117. A doctor will answer who will arrange a televised visit or will transfer the request to the competent unit

    The structure of the Medical Guard in Sondrio has changed since this morning. And it is important to know that it will no longer be possible to directly access the Emergency Medical Clinics (now officially called the “Continuity of Care Service”) in Bormio, Tirano, Sondrio, Morbegno, Chiavenna and Dongo, because first you need to contact the unique 116117 Central Medical.

    What needs to be done

    In practice, until today, Saturday March 4, a user who needs a service or a prescription can go directly to the doctor on call, now he can no longer do this, but must call the number and call Central The only one created by Ats della Montagna In collaboration with Areu, regional emergency and emergency agency and assistant to Valtellina.

    At the other end of the line is the physician, who gathers the patient’s needs and, when the latter’s circumstances permit, is able to guarantee a televised visit and any relevant prescription, so as to prevent the patient from having to move from his place. house.

    On the other hand, when he deems it necessary, the consolidated headquarters physician activates his colleagues stationed in the external offices, both for outpatients and for home visits. In practice, one way or another, it is always necessary to go through the single central office, which works every day from 19 to 8 the next morning, on Saturdays and Sundays and on holidays also from 8 to 19, so 24 hours out of 24.

    At the same time, in each of the regions of Asst Valtellina and Alto Lario, the emergency medical centers have been activated: they are active every day, from 19 to 24 and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays also from 8 to 19, even if – we repeat – they cannot be called directly.

    Unlike the single exchange, the local stations cover the evening, but not all night, as they do not operate from midnight until 8 the next morning. However, the health authorities specify that “from midnight until eight in the morning, if the central unit doctor deems a visit necessary, he will activate access to the house in any case.”


    In detail, the EMCs are active in Bormio via Agoi 8, alternating with Tirano, via Cappuccini 4, Sondrio in via Stelvio 25, Morbegno, via Morelli 1, and Chiavenna in via Cereria 4, alternating with Dongo in via Falck.

    Obviously this is not a panacea for all ills, because there are still two “bypass” prescriptions between Bormio and Tirano and between Chiavenna and Dongo, the two most difficult regions and with the largest gaps from the point of view of regional assistance. . However, the model meets the need for structuring that has been imposed, given the chronic shortage of medical personnel to ensure this service.

    The important thing then is that citizens always keep the number 116117 close at hand, in plain sight, because it is the only person they can call when they need a service that is not urgent, such as the one that needs to be activated. , as it is known, 112 or 118.

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