Mechanico wins 126 million euros in the lottery. “My new life? Villas and luxury cars, but I’m bored”

     Mechanico wins 126 million euros in the lottery.

    win in the lottery but what boring to be rich. yes, Neil TrotterHe said it’s boring to have all that money and live a life immersed in it luxury. luxury. The transition from the status of a worker to a rich man who no longer needed to work to support himself was a strange thing and brought out the boredom promoter. Neil was a mechanic and he won £108m (just under €126m) In the EuroMillions lottery in 2014. What did he do with all that money? He bought a fancy new home (a villa connected to a private lake) and some racing cars and quit his job. Then he found out and admitted that sitting and watching TV all day was “so boring”.

    In short, it was admitted by a man who won over £100 million in the lottery His attractive new lifestyle bores him a bit.

    Neil is passionate about motor racing, he has traded his Ford Focus for Jaguar and Porsche. Read what he said to the sun:Going from having to work to not having to work anymore was rather strange to adapt to. I soon found out Staying at home and watching TV all day was so boringAnd that’s exactly what shocked Neil, eight years after such an amazing win. Fact The need to get used to not working anymoreYou no longer have deadlines, morning alarms, deadlines, clients and bills. You find yourself having to devote your time without working. He stressed that this is why he now has so much free time. Then came the boredom.

    get from Coulsdon (a town located south of London). He always had the feeling that he would win the lottery. “Sooner or later I will win, I will win a lot,” he said to everyone, friends and family. His father replied, “Yes, sure, in your dreams, son.” Neil still remembers the Friday he says he did feeling very strong, “So loud that I told the Secretary of Labor I was going to win.” Second, a nagging premonition about his luck: He went to his father’s office the day before his win and said, “Tomorrow at this time I’ll be a millionaire.” And it was. “Friday – he said in a heated interview after winning – I did one last shift“.”I’m taking a break and enjoying watching the British Championship. It’s my passion and I wouldn’t mind a guest driver seat if I could find the right car!.

    Neil and his partner Nikki Ottaway They couldn’t believe the victory that changed their lives: One day we are ordinary workers and the next we can afford anything. I still do not understand“.

    “The victory allowed me to return to my first love: racing. Now I have a villa with a private lake,” according to the sentences reported by the British newspapers. However, how boring.

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