McAllister makes De Zerbe dream

    McAllister makes De Zerbe dream

    Rome Penalty kick in the last moments converted by McAllister the Brighton Outperform Manchester united: l De Zerbi The European dream is still alive. A goalless first half but with chances on both fronts: Brighton straight away MitomiUnited responds with Rashford who is calling Steele for a major operation. In the final Brighton returns to become dangerous with McAllister And Good afternoon, but the score was still tied 0-0 at half time. In the second half, in the 27th minute, United made themselves dangerous with an incursion MartialClosure is crucial Caicedo in slip. In the final, in the 40th minute, a new opportunity for Brighton with an initiative He walks But its aim is imprecise. Soon after (45 minutes) a mac Alister get engaged De Geawhich are repeated in full recovery through you not to throw Caicedo. But in the 96th minute, Var discovered a touch of his hand what In development zone corner kick: It’s a penalty kick for Brighton. McAllister Turns around and ends here: Three points for Brighton.

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