Home entertainment Mazda is a new platform for future electric models

Mazda is a new platform for future electric models

Mazda is a new platform for future electric models

The Mazda Business Plan عمل To respect the parameters on Reducing polluting emissions by 2050 pass through Scale electrification by 2030: According to Eldar details, in the next nine years, a quarter of the vehicle fleet will be powered by the battery and the rest according to various electricity technologies. These are the new products expected between 2022 and 2030.

Models on the new platform

The first phase of the plan focuses onScope electrification. Platform SKYACTIV Multi-solution Scalable Structure, to produce five hybrid models, five plug-in and three electric models, intended for the Japanese, European, American, Chinese and Southeast Asian markets. between 2022 and 2025.

During this three-year period, the Japanese will continue to develop low-pollution technologies applied to internal combustion engines, continuing the path taken by the e-Skyactiv X, but other innovations such as the introduction of in-line six-cylinder engines are expected.

part two, between 2025 and 2030, It will feature a new modular architecture, the SKYACTIV EV Scalable Architecture, that Hiroshima Corporation is developing specifically for electrification of various types and sizes.

I’m working on self-driving

However, the future of Mazda It’s not just zero emissionsBecause road safety is also a brand theme we are developing new technologies. Japanese technicians are working on a Special independent driving system Dubbed the “Mazda Co-Pilot Concept”, it will debut as the Mazda Co-Pilot 1.0 on larger Mazda vehicles starting in 2022.

With the Mazda Co-Pilot conceptOver time, Mazda will introduce a system that monitors the condition of the driver at all times. If a sudden change in the driver’s physical condition is detected, the system switches to autonomous driving, moving the vehicle to a safe location, stopping it and making an emergency call.

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In cooperation with five Japanese companies, Mazda will develop a common design specification for the next generation of in-vehicle communication devices to reach a standard communication system to provide safer and stress-free communication services.

Mazda summer bonus, incentives across the range عبر

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