Maximum attention to new postage related to stamp


    Any communication from a revenue agency should always be taken into account to the fullest.

    Especially when it comes to not paying Stamp duty on electronic bills. Many Italians receive this contact via email. In the emails we read that the revenue agency He objects to the non-payment of electronic bills issued in the fourth quarter of 2021.

    As mentioned, this will definitely be a message that deserves the utmost attention as it will prompt us to re-check what we did in order to actually look for missed payments. But the Revenue Agency warns: This message received by many Italians is actually false.

    Pay attention to how you act

    In fact, this email does not come from the real revenue agency but from Criminal organizations dedicated to phishing. It is very important to follow what the Internal Revenue Service recommends you do regarding this communication.

    Many have received it and likely anyone will, so it is very important to be mindful of what the receipts say. First of all, the Revenue Agency notes that it is a complete stranger to this connection. Second, it confirms how dangerous these emails are to the devices receiving them. In fact, these emails may contain Malware or virus of some kind. But the most dangerous thing is to click Link contained in emails.

    Look at the link

    Actually the link provided in the email It could refer to a fraudulent platform Capable of stealing sensitive data from those who think so. So in addition to virus damage, There may also be more potential harm to the user. Inland Revenue’s advice is to immediately destroy the email rather than open it at all, But above all do not click on the link provided. Unfortunately, it is in this period that such fraudulent and dangerous communications multiply. They use the name of the revenue agency, or perhaps the bank or post office.

    Here’s what to do and what to avoid

    But it is very important to understand how to act in these situations. These institutions hardly send important communications via email or text message And if we receive one, we should suspect it and not open it. If we really doubt that it can be original, We’ll have to take care of going to those who theoretically sent us the message to understand Whether there is already a message for us or not. But woe to open and especially clicking on the link. By sending such communications in large numbers, criminals always have a high chance of someone falling in love with them, so it is important to be especially careful.

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