Matters worth a few hundred euros.

    Matters worth a few hundred euros.

    Castel Guglielmo (Rovigo) – Amazon It ends before the judge in Rovigo: in June, in fact, the labor oath Tennis Court From the Polish capital to express itself on the reason for the sacking of a giant fromE-Commerce 5 workers from the logistics office in Castelguglielmo-San Bellino. It all stemmed from a request Pay the expensesfor a few hundred euros the workers earned while they were away in September and October 2021: even though they used business platformAmazon, which initially allowed the charges, has challenged the amount paid in February. Although the employees, 4 of whom were assisted by Fit Secretary Cisl Padova and Rovigo Oscar Dalla Rosa, immediately declared that they were ready to defend their work and to agree with the company, the company announced immediate dismissals for all.

    The workers therefore relied on the CISL trust attorneys in Padua, Rovigo, Maria Enrica de Salvo, Laura Ferrara and Roberto Finuciaro for workplace compensation or in any event adequate compensation for damages. “This is a wrong separation of both procedure and grounds,” attorneys Finocchiaro and De Salvo asserted. In their opinion, in fact, “a long time passed between the disputed facts and the dismissal. The workers followed the procedure of the company which, if they considered the requests incorrect, they could immediately refuse payment. In any case, these were reasonable and necessary expenses for the workers on business trips and the dismissal on Anyway disproportionate, given the amounts disputed and the sheer goodwill of the workers, all of whom were young, average age 26, and in some cases still students.Moreover, we were told, other colleagues made similar complaints, but then They were not expelled.”

    the Union
    For Fit Cisl Padova General Secretary and Rovigo Oscar Dalla Rosa, “These are probably the number one reasons Amazon faces in Rovigo, even if the union’s interest in labor management, compliance with regulations and contracts remains high in a company where the possibility of evangelization is nearly impossible, given Also taking into account the strong turnover of workers, which is mainly done using fixed-term or temporary contracts. Thanks to this measure, the company has prevented other potential layoffs pending an understanding of how the conflict will end. Fit in the side of the workers and assert their rights. “

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