Home sport Massimiliano Pivaretti, Five good reasons to start skating

Massimiliano Pivaretti, Five good reasons to start skating

Massimiliano Pivaretti, Five good reasons to start skating

Here are five good reasons to start skating, straight from the champion’s words Massimiliano Pivaretti “Creativity, fun and the feeling you get while skating that you are small compared to the setting, friends, because with this sport you know a lot of interesting people, You are always in the lake surrounded by good feelingsWith these words, the Como champion summed up the outstanding aspects of this discipline, which is becoming more and more popular and practiced. «This is a sport that cannot be practiced everywhere, you need certain sites: a lake or a basin with cable, and one of the most fascinating aspects is the fact that it takes you for travel. I’ve traveled a lot thanks to skateboarding, and sooner or later I’d like to make a map of all the most beautiful lakes I’ve skated on».

Massimiliano Pivaretti was the World Wakeboard Champion in Cancun in 2015 and in 2019 he was named Rider of the Year by Alliance Wake for his World Beach Game Champion victories and the title of European Champion

The most exciting ever?
The two largest lakes in the world are Lake Como, which is home and incredible, and Lake Powell, located between Utah and Arizona, which is insane because it is sandwiched between these red rocks that create an amazing contrast.

How did you start?
Because of my cousin, Giuliano Moli, he was number one in Italy and I remember when I was in the sixth grade I wanted to be like him, who missed school for two weeks to go to the European Championships in Belgium. At the time, I even had a broken leg – which I had from snowboarding – but I had a broken head. Even if I struggled to walk, I wanted to start at all costs: I put my head together with my coach, Enzo Molinari, I started a very narrow training path that led me to win my first European in the boys’ category.

Then came the move to the United States
I always wanted to spend as much as possible promoting the sport: I did my best to represent Italy, but choosing to live in the United States for most of the time was absolutely mandatory. I wanted to access the sources of the sport, learn about and skate on the greatest of them, and learn and progress. I’ve always tried to surround myself with skateboarding legends, and it has helped me grow, both as a person and as an athlete. I live in Orlando, Florida, where I had the opportunity to intern at Lake Conwell, the lake adjacent to the airport. I have very big plans for Italy, and I hope to carry them out.

starting from City wake up?
City wake up This is exactly the kind of project I wanted to bring to Italy: the best skateboard athletes in the world would be riding alongside someone they thought was strong and who they wanted to give him a chance to feature in the challenge that would take place in an incredible place: the Milan pier. From the first time I saw the new Darsena, I thought something cool had to be done there to promote skateboarding, which for a city like Milan is an interesting sporting outlet. A few kilometers from the center, in Idroscalo Park, there is such a reality as Wakeparadise Ludovico Vanoli’s Wakeparadise, in addition to being the largest water sports park in Italy, it is an ideal place to escape from the city heat in the summer months and an incredible meeting point: here you play sports and share values Healthy outdoor living, and at the end of the day, relax in front of a beer.

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Have you already revealed who will shoot you during the event?
Not yet, but he will surely be a very young guy working for Ronix, one of my sponsors: he has an amazing talent and I can’t wait to make it known to everyone, he is ready to compete in an international tournament in context.

Appointment, with Massimiliano Pivaretti and with him The event promoted by Red Bullto City wake upIt’s September 4th. Prior to this date, the dates that will be marked on the calendar are June 26th in Starwalk Cable Ravenna On the 3rd of July Al Wakeparadise of Montichiari (BS): This final stage will qualify for the September event, so athletes will already be competing in pairs. stay tuned

Massimiliano Peveretti shoots at Wakeparadis in Milan

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