Home entertainment Mario Golf Super Rush and more: ignite the passion for multiplayer

Mario Golf Super Rush and more: ignite the passion for multiplayer

Mario Golf Super Rush and more: ignite the passion for multiplayer

For over 35 years, Mario has loved making new friends. Outgoing, adventurous and multifaceted traveler, Nintendo’s character usually talks to his fellow Mushroom Kingdom compatriots, but not only: It’s not uncommon to see him cross the frontiers of the world, determined to explore ever more distant horizons. And kindness inevitably also reflects on his many adventures in video games, which often include techniques or mechanics meant to honor the fun in the company. of hairpin bends from Mario Kart to areas Mario Tennisthrough multiple incarnations Mario Party The adventures of the series Super Mario, The Multiplayer regression in the key Mariska They are in fact almost infinite.

The passion for multiplayer is serendipitously etched into the DNA of nintendo, which has been striving since the days of SNES and Game Boy to make it possible to share the passion for video games. A trend that has peaked with the Nintendo Switchunder the slogan “Where, when and with whom you want“It made it so easy to play together. And soon, Mario fans will have another excuse Pass the Joy-Con to a friend: As we told you on our last ride through the winning features in Mario Golf: Super Rush, the adventure between Green color In fact, it promises to reserve a great satisfaction for fans of challenges in the company, between traditional multiplayer modes and other, more festive modes. Waiting for us to be able to go to the pit, we thus decided to enter a path in search of Multiplayer Passion That revives the latest Mario epics.

multi-faceted athlete

The last time Mario walked on golf courses was in 2003: since then, even if he didn’t practice the art of putting balls in the hole, the video game icon has largely kept fit: for example, by attending tennis courts! As we told you in our review of the Mario Tennis Aces race, the Nintendo character is back with the racket already in the summer of 2018. Since then, he’s been relentlessly challenging the most disparate opponents, juggling Donkey Kong’s powerful shots and refiner. spin top by Categnacio.

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With an extensive list of athletes available by Mario Tennis AcesPlayers can dedicate themselves curiously to learning the strengths and special shots of each athlete, so that they can approach each battle with the right strategy. And what better way than a multiplayer challenge to test the results obtained in hours upon hours of training? Just as Mario Golf: Super Rush promised, even a tennis adventure guarantees fun online and local clashes, where the traditional model is tested. “Easy to learn, hard to master” that has characterized Nintendo products for years.

However, tennis isn’t the only sporting competition that has seen resilient Mario take part in recent times. Not satisfied with the balls and rackets, the adventurer could not resist even the call of the roaring engines: in fact, the character for years refused to give up the anti-gravity circuits of thei Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Also in this case, honoring the tradition of the series, the experience in the company is the real fulcrum of the proposed experience on the Nintendo Switch.

From the starting line to the last meters from the finish line, each lap between the most beautiful 48 episodes is the perfect battlefield for hot challenges right up to the last acceleration. Aboard a plethora of vehicles, Mario encounters Link, the Inklings of Splatoon, longtime rival Bowser, and many other pilots here. With competitions that locally Support 8 players, challenges Online Which brings you to the twelve contestants and the strange challenges of the sound of balloon explosions that feature them battle modeMario Kart 8 Deluxe One of the best examples The possibilities of multiplayer sports experiences in the Mario world.

So effective, that karts from the saga have suddenly crossed the frontiers of the video game world only to land in the reality of kitchens and living rooms in the home overwhelmingly Mario Kart Live: The Home Arena. A hybrid proposal between video games, play in life And a game that has managed to conquer fans of all ages with its innovative simplicity, including our editorial team: for proof of that, just take a look at Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit in action at Everyeye studio in Milan!

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In an atmosphere of sporting competitions – and with the Olympics at last – it is

It is impossible not to mention the experience that he suggested Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, SEGA’s iconic Big N and the rushing blue hedgehog have joined forces to provide players with interesting variations from a myriad of sports disciplines. From the elegance of fencing to the hardships of 7-player rugby, through classic boxing, rowing, table tennis, swimming, athletics and many more, the title offered an enviable variety of activities to try your hand at Joy-Con. With such a wealth of competitive options, and in full compliance with Olympic values, Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics could only honor the sporting event with distinction with Rich multiplayer mode, available both locally and online.

Unlimited multiplayer

However, the multiplayer distractions of Mario’s adventures find space not only in the world of more traditional sports, but also in more unusual realities, united by a constant desire to experiment and innovate.

Impossible not to mention Mario Party series, which since 1998 has even invited friends and family to try their hand at an endless series of bizarre challenges and overwhelming mini-games. While waiting for the new Mario Party Superstars announced at E3 2021, fans looking for a fun video game have been able to try their hand at the competition he proposed. Super Mario Party, which premiered on the Nintendo Switch in fall 2018. Brown soup cubes to perfection, sizzle at full speed running on unstable drums, compete in cake-throwing battles, or, again, ride spaceships, are just some of the crazy possibilities he proposes. Address.

An experience that offers the best of living with a valid group of fellow adventurers, which expanded its limits in April with an unexpected free update to Super Mario Party. The update actually made it possible to enjoy the title in online multiplayer also in Mario Party and Partner Party modes, the latter being designed for a 2v2 structure competition. Well, Fans of Fantasy Spirit Party Marisco You will also find a noticeable dose of goliardia in Mario Golf: Super Rush, thanks toUnprecedented speed golf mode, which combines precise shots, power-ups, extreme races, and special moves.

And if Mario Party is a traditional Nintendo experience, the same can’t be said of the experience implemented with the debut of Nintendo. Super Mario Bros. 35, A true battle royal in the key Mariska. Offered exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers during festivities for Super Mario’s 35th AnniversaryThe game manages to surprise and convince thanks to its unusual formula.

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With 35 minutes Super Mario ready to compete in history Super Mario Bros For NES, the title of online multiplayer was appreciated by a large group of fans, who did not hesitate to juggle turtle shells and sport jumps until the last day of production availability, which is now unreachable.

Fortunately, those who are nostalgic for the most ferocious challenges related to the Nintendo icon will certainly not fail to appreciate the game’s rhythms. golf battle By Mario Golf: Super Rush. Finally, it is impossible to do a comprehensive review of the creativity in the Mario multiplayer world without mentioning some of the differences in the multiplayer adventure sector such as Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Super Mario Odyssey, or Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. With experiences this time cooperative, each of the above titles is actually capable of providing high quality general entertainment. dread levels Super Mario 3D World In 4 players, we found participants in an interesting mix of cooperation and competition dynamics, while in worlds Mario Odyssey Players can split the control of Mario and the control of his loyal ally Cappy. The multiplayer mode suggested by the design is also effective Mario + Rapids: Kingdom Battle, to challenges characterized by strategic ingenuity.

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